Why are reporters fascinated with the terms “adult” and “grown-up”?

If you are reading the mainstream media online publications on a regular basis you have undoubtedly seen reporters refer to elected officials as not being an “adult” or a “grown-up”, and in many cases reporters claim that officials need to “illustrate” that they are an “adult”.

Why are reporters using terms that are so obviously demeaning to elected officials? Let’s face it, most “adults” know that the definition of adult is: A person who by virtue of attaining a certain age, generally eighteen, is regarded in the eyes of the law as being able to manage his or her own affairs.

And while we here at NH Journal have been critical of some elected officials, we would never go so far as to say they aren’t adults. Elected officials, regardless of persuasion, deserve respect – from voters, from other elected officials, and yes, from the media.

These crafty political reporters are using such characterizations because the “adult” in question needs to be, in the eye of the pundits, a compromiser and a spender. One who won’t stand on principle and follow through on real reform.

It’s rather ironic that reporters are using these terms, in essence cleverly calling elected officials a name without sounding too harsh, but are actually the ones acting like children themselves.

So if we may be so bold: Hey reporters who get off using these terms: GROW UP!

Author: The Editors

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  • KT

    Sounds like these are columnists and not “reporters.” Reporters report the facts, not their opinions.