What They Are Saying About Huckabee’s Exit

“For me, to do it apart from an inner confidence that I was undertaking it with God’s full blessing is unthinkable,” the former pastor said, driving the suspense up to the last moment. “I can’t know or predict the future, but I know for now, my answer is clear and firm: I will not seek the Republican nomination for president this year.”

–Mike Huckabee on Huckabee

“I’m Donald Trump and this is a special announcement. Mike Huckabee is not going to be running for president. This might be considered by some people — not necessarily me — bad news, because he is a terrific guy, and I think he’d be a terrific president, but a lot of people are very happy he’s not running — especially other candidates.”

–Donald Trump on Huckabee

“Mike Huckabee is a friend and colleague, and an important leader within the Republican Party. Mike and I agree our nation is facing big challenges and desperately needs new leadership, and I plan to work hard to earn the support of the millions of Americans who have supported him. Mary and I wish Mike and Janet all the best.”

–Tim Pawlenty

“Our country has been very fortunate to have Mike Huckabee as a leader and public servant. His commitment to this country and its core values — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — is a model to which all elected officials should aspire. It is unfortunate that we will not have his voice — or his bass guitar — in the presidential debate, as our party would have benefited from his involvement. Yet I’m confident that he will continue to be a positive force in the national conversation no matter his future endeavors and I look forward to his continued friendship.”

–Jon Huntsman

“Had Governor Huckabee decided to run, there is no question he would have been a frontrunner in the 2012 campaign for president. He has achieved that prominence without a campaign simply based on his personal appeal and the attractiveness of his views and his character. His statement tonight emphasized the spiritual dimension of his life and his decision process. It is a wonderful example for all Americans of someone trying to do the right thing. Governor Huckabee will remain a major force for conservatism and he will play a major role in shaping America’s future. Callista and I wish him and his family a wonderful, happy, and successful future.”

–Newt Gingrich

“I have long admired Governor Huckabee and his commitment to talking about the critical issues facing America. Those of us who believe in the virtues and values of life and family can never have enough allies, and I am grateful to Governor Huckabee for helping to keep those issues front and center. As some in our party seek to form a ‘truce’ on social issues, I look forward to a dialogue with Governor Huckabee and his supporters to talk of our shared commitment to fight for traditional values and the rights granted to us by our forefathers. Finally, I was particularly moved by his honesty in revealing the reason for his decision. He above all prayerfully sought God’s will for his life.”

–Rick Santorum

“Count on Gov. Huckabee to hold his cards close to his vest (pretty much as he did leading up to his announcement) as he seeks to vet each candidate to assess where to throw his support. This nomination process is less about who will be the nominee and becoming more about who will “make” the nominee. Mike Huckabee saw the writing on that wall too.”

–Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele

Author: Staff Reporter

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