What New Hampshire is Saying About Paul Ryan

As Mitt Romney and his running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, crisscross the country to share their vision for America with voters, prominent Granite Staters are also weighing in on the new Republican ticket:

New Hampshire Union Leader: “Romney’s pick: Mitt strikes gold with Ryan”

Foster’s Daily Democrat: “Ryan has developed a reputation as a numbers guy. He relishes delving into the federal budget and analyzing what has gone right and what has gone wrong. Ryan has offered plans and vision statements that leave little doubt the path to fiscal solvency he wishes to help take the nation… A debate over how to rid the nation of its Jimmy Carter-like malaise is what voters need. The addition of Ryan to the Republican ticket now makes that debate more possible and more focused than it has been to date.”

NHGOP Chair Wayne MacDonald: “The New Hampshire Republican State Committee enthusiastically welcomes the bold Congressman Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket. Our country has a president right now who has been leading the nation in the wrong direction on spending, taxes, and growth of government. As ‘America’s Comeback Team’ the Romney, Ryan ticket will turn the attention to job creation and balancing the budget. The American people deserve a ticket that is serious about fixing our fiscal mess, turning around the economy, and bringing our country back on the path to prosperity.”

NH Senate President Jeb Bradley: “Governor Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan is not only bold and exciting, it also shows Governor Romney’s commitment to solving the largest long term problem facing America – our crushing debt and deficit spending. Trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see under President Obama is a surefire recipe for disaster and one of the many reasons that under President Obama 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. The Romney Ryan American Comeback Team has the backbone to tackle the difficult challenges confronting America in stark contrast to the current administration.”

Former HHS Commissioner John Stephen: “Congressman Ryan represents a breath of fresh air in terms of delivering innovative ideas to bring fiscal sanity to Washington. Governor Romney could not have made a better choice to illustrate the difference between his pro-economic growth, pro-jobs and pro-responsible budgeting agenda and the failed policies of President Obama.”

Hudson business owner Jack Gilchrist: “I am very excited for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Paul Ryan is a perfect complement to Governor Romney as a down-to-earth family man with a pragmatic mind. He is a man willing to present an honest budget proposal, a man willing to lay out details of reform without playing the blame and divide game. Mitt—thank you for selecting Paul Ryan as your running mate. Businesses across the country are looking forward to your team’s leadership out of this horrible economy.”

Windham business owner Al Letizio: “Governor Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan shows his commitment to getting our economy back on track and creating jobs. As a businessman who creates and executes an annual operating budget in my own business, I know that it always takes thoughtful and difficult decisions to turn around a faltering enterprise and get it back to operating efficiently and in a manner that sustains its existence into the future. The notion that the Obama campaign has championed about raising taxes on those who are the top producers in our economy, knowing that this tax increase creates little or no impact on balancing our lopsided budget, shows that the President is more focused on getting re-elected than he is on fixing our economy. President Obama is either unwilling or incapable of heading us in the right direction. This election is an opportunity for Americans to restore our greatness and awaken the great engine of American enterprise for the benefit of all. Let’s hope that all Americans take the time to listen and learn about the thoughtful ideas that Congressman Ryan has to offer and not get bamboozled by President Obama’s rhetoric. I can’t think of two better, more credentialed people in Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan to get our nation back on track again and put people back to work.”

Former NH House Speaker Donna Sytek: “The selection of Paul Ryan pulls into focus the real choice in this election: Will we continue borrowing our way into bankruptcy like Greece by promising everything to everybody without the means to pay for it, or will we tackle the runaway spending on entitlements now and assure a secure future for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren? Mitt Romney has chosen a vigorous and articulate running mate to help get America back on the right track to economic solvency and prosperity.”

Conservative activist Jennifer Horn: “I think Paul Ryan is a bold, strong choice for the Vice President. He is an articulate and passionate spokesperson for a balanced and limited government. He brings enthusiasm and excitement to the ticket and will be a great asset to Gov. Romney, both on the campaign trail and in the White House. What’s more, voters have already chosen the Ryan plan over the Obama plan once before: Democrats tried to demonize Paul Ryan’s practical, balanced budget plan in 2010 and Republicans won overwhelmingly. He is also arguably one of the smartest members of Congress with an in depth understanding of the economy and the necessity to stop spending before our nation falls over a cliff. I look forward to watching the VP debate in October—if Vice President Biden isn’t nervous yet, he should be.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • C. dog e. doG

    He’s weak tea, he’s V.P. tea, he’s summer tea, but at least he’s some kinda tea.
    – C. dog sippin’ stronger tea by his globally warmed pool during this politick season

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha and in hindsight, the only one who turned out to be right are these folks http://archive.lewrockwell.com/orig13/aitken1.1.1.html