Well Done, Senator Ayotte, on Your Syria and Benghazi Position

Senator Ayotte’s decision not to support the Administration’s “incoherent and inconsistent” strategy regarding taking military action against Syria was spot on! The United States, while horrified by the fact the Assad Regime would use WMD’s on their own people, cannot jump into a civil war where you need a play book to ascertain which of the warring factions are friend or foe. There are other means available to end the fighting and slaughter.

Also, every veteran and patriotic American should thank Senator Ayotte for her letters to the Director of the FBI Comey and President Sahmayn of Libya seeking justice for the deaths of the four Americans brutally murdered by Islamic terrorists while the Libyan government and even worse, the United States government, stood by and did nothing.

The Obama Administration has been reluctant to pressure the Libyan government to arrest those responsible for the murders. As is the policy with this Administration, they hope this inconvenient truth about their abject failure in Libya will be forgotten.

Thank you, Senator Ayotte, for the courage to stand by your convictions and to continue to seek justice for the Benghazi 4, lest we ever forget.

Author: Jim Adams

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