Warren’s office hit with ethics complaint

Fundraising appeals on behalf of Senator Jeanne Shaheen has netted charges of ethical misconduct for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, with the Bay State’s Republican Party filing a complaint against the liberal firebrand’s chief of staff.

“Today, the Massachusetts Republican Party filed a formal complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee against Elizabeth Warren’s Chief of Staff Mindy Myers seeking an immediate investigation into potentially illegal partisan fundraising email sent by Mindy Myers while acting in her capacity as a Senate employee,” read a press release detailing the complaint. “On Friday, September 27, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Mindy Myers sent a fundraising solicitation along with a message from U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen Senate Campaign to a political distribution list.”

At question is a fundraising appeal, signed by Myers, attempting to tie former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown to the Tea Party and Karl Rove as part of an end of the quarter fundraising push for Shaheen.

Warren bested the former senator in last year’s election, who’s now reportedly mulling a New Hampshire challenge to Shaheen in next year’s midterm.

That complaint was filed Monday, and was followed by an additional request Wednesday that the Senate Ethics Committee produce evidence Myers “has been formally documented as a Political Fund Designee and has filed public financial disclosure statements as required under Federal Rules.”

“Senator Warren frequently invokes transparency in government as central tenet of her governing philosophy,” stated MassGOP Exec Director Rob Cunningham. “All we are asking is that she holds her office to those same standards of transparency she demands from others.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • dwpittelli

    It would be nice if this article provided some actual information as to whether the claimed actions are unusual or illegal.

    • fairportfan

      It would be nice if you read the article closely and noticed that the Republicans are claiming they are “potentially illegal”

      That means, until there is an investigation and determination by the Ethics Committee, we don’t know.

      • dwpittelli

        I read the article closely, thank you. It would be nice if you read my one-sentence comment closely before making your nonresponsive response. Regardless of what the “Ethics Committee” — a political body — “determines,” there is an underlying Washington reality which a political writer should be able to address: Namely, such actions are either common or uncommon, and there is likely a prior common understanding as to whether they are legal or illegal.

        • fairportfan

          What the committee has to decide – which influences the question you’re asking – is what, if any actions he should be charged with.

          Until that decision is made, all we have are allegations from political opponents which are not conclusive or definitive.