War on Women: Dems attack Garcia with sexist language, imagery [UPDATED]

New Hampshire Democrats were quick to attack Republican State Representative Marilinda Garcia once she made her intention to seek the her party’s nomination for the second congressional district seat official. Garcia announced her candidacy via a press release on Monday morning; she joins former Republican State Senator Gary Lambert in the race to take on Democratic Congresswoman Anne Kuster.

Within moments of her announcement, prominent Democratic State Rep. Peter Sullivan attacked Garcia on Twitter using sexist language and imagery. Sullivan compared the three-term State Representative, who holds a Master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, to reality television celebrity Kim Kardashian. He went on to refer to her as “[Republican State Rep.] Al Baldasarro [sic] in stiletto heels” and “a lightweight.”

Throughout the 2012 and 2013 election cycles, national Democrats launched repeated attacks accusing Republicans of using rhetoric they claimed was demeaning to women.

Sullivan’s tweets are below:



UPDATE: Facing heavy criticism, Sullivan refused to walk back his remarks about Garcia, even issuing a mock apology to Kim Kardashian “for comparing her to a right-wing extremist like Marilinda Garcia.”


UPDATE 2: New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released a statement Tuesday morning calling on Rep. Kuster to denounce Sullivan’s rhetoric:

“For too long women in our society have been judged by their appearance rather than their accomplishments and made subject to the ignorant assaults of men like Peter Sullivan. If our daughters are to have any chance of pursuing their dreams in a society that is free of fabricated limitations and unjust personal assaults then so-called leaders like Representative Annie Kuster must call upon her fellow Democrats to put an end to their offensive and chauvinistic rhetoric.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • D.I.

    Nationally, libs are disgusting pieces of sh!t and random stories of this nature justify this reputation.

  • John Stephens

    Why would anyone expect better from Democrats?

    • alanstorm

      Indeed, those were tame for a “Tolerant One”.

      Although she can surely use those for a little jiujitsu, if she’s quick enough.

    • pam1500

      I certainly don’t. They’re always in a cesspool, digging deeper.

  • AndrewX

    Ugly people are always threatened at a very visceral level by not-ugly people.

    (“Ugly” need not necessarily be just a visual description.)

  • Gringao

    It’s okay when they do it!

  • John Matthews

    the democratic Party, the Party Of “Tolerance” and “acceptance” lmao, talk about bigots and sexists

    • Eric

      You mean the “democrat” party.

  • John Matthews

    at least she didnt vote to cancel my insurance policy for one that I cant afford and coverage i dont need

    • Rick Caird

      Yeah, only a “heavyweight” without stiletto’s would do that. I do hope all those who voted for ObamaCare will pay a stiff price.

      • Mary Cook

        We need to keep it in their face daily so the voters can see how they are evil who only thinks of themselves.

    • Ant

      your insurance company cancelled your insurance policy. The reason being is that your plan is poor quality.

      • Jason Guerrette

        Lol…says who?

      • jamson64

        You on the left are truly paternalistic. Well except for abortion.

      • rangerider

        No! The reason is the government changed the rules to make plans impossible to keep. I would think most know that if allowed to keep plans that the individual had bought would defeat dear Leader’s purpose. If I have a plan that I chose and am happy with then why should the government say they are low quality and deem them unacceptable ?

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Projection: It’s what Dems know, it’s what they do.
    They have no shame because that would imply that they have morals and ethics.

    • rangerider

      The Dems are completely under the power of Dear Leader and minions, after going down without a fight. The only moral thingy the only rule they now follow is; the ends justify the means, so we get the IRS, DOJ, HHS, benghazi, Syria and on and on :-) Oh! I forgot they are destroying America:-)

  • Galt2100

    The mistake conservatives and libertarians keep making is that we try to be polite to the criminals and crazies of the left, hoping that they will grow up. They never do, and they assume our courtesy is just weakness. We think we can negotiate compromise with evil, but aside from the moral failure of that approach, the liberals never accept comprise – they just keep demanding more (the John McCain fallacy).

    We don’t want to become as dishonest and criminal as they are, but that means that we damn well have to learn to be just as tough, or more so.

    Protest their meetings in person, the way they do ours, and respond to their racist and misogynist lies with hard truths. Don’t let them define the allowable vocabulary by telling us we can’t call them racists, sexists, hypocrites, traitors or totalitarian fascists, when that is what they clearly are.

    Boycott their news and entertainment companies, and tell them why. Their bank accounts will put pressure on them. If there are any conservatives with money who want to do something really useful, buy or establish media companies, fire the propagandists, and use these channels to tell the truth. FOX is only half courageous, and still out-draws all the mainstream propaganda mouthpieces. A movie production company that told the truth about how America is the light of civilization would make a fortune.

    Most important, take over the school system, from pre-school to post-doc, and describe the murderous evil of socialists, both historical and modern, name them by name, revoke their tenure and fire them. Tell the truth about the superiority of American culture, history and the free market (not the liberal crony capitalist) economic system.

    The entire University Liberal Arts community has been consumed by the cancer of socialism to the point that it is literally impossible to find honest teachers and classes in the humanities at any major school – the liberal arts in America are dead, killed by the liberals themselves. Set up new schools, boycott the old ones. Harvard, Yale and Princeton have become seed farms for socialist bureaucrats and appointees. with a feed-back money loop to the schools; enact a 50 year hiatus on all participation by graduates of those schools in government. End the Federal student loan programs, which have turned into nothing more than taxpayer subsidies to university presidents and Marxist faculty, and endless financial slavery for students and graduates. Many schools were established with endowments to provide educations for those who can’t afford tuition – make the schools use their endowments for the purpose their founders intended.

    The United States is the only nation in human existence that was founded on principal – the principal embodied in the Declaration of Independence and (ultimately) the Constitution. That principal can be stated very simply: Leave People Alone. Don’t allow government to steal people’s freedom and opportunity, under the completely dishonest guise of paternalism and “free stuff”. Tell the truth about America and its history; glorify its fundamental ideal.

    The so-called Democratic Party is not a political party at all. It is an organized crime syndicate, whose members see election to office as nothing more than an opportunity to steal. The Republicans are simply the designated losers to the Democrats. Financial support to the Democrats comes from opportunists in the Marxist cabal (yes, there really is such a conspiracy – look up the “Socialist International” or the “Fabian Society”) and the crony capitalists who want to “pull up the ladder” now that they have “got theirs” (look up George Soros or Mark Zukerberg). They smile and lie and buy the votes of stupid people who have been brainwashed since “Sesame Street”, and who think that they can have something for nothing, and that in some vague way calling themselves “progressive” helps the poor, or “is for the children”.

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” – Pericles. You are the livestock on which the criminal politicians feed.

    We are not having a polite political debate with the criminals of the Democratic Party. We are engaged in all-out war. If you don’t understand that, if you try to gently debate with the wolves, you, and your children, will be eaten.

    • jc

      We need to learn how to fight a political war. Required reading should be David Horowitz’ “The Art of Political War.”

      • Mary Cook

        Wonderful book, David Horowitz is an amazing story to be heard..

    • Jason Guerrette

      OMG…..so very well said….bravo!!!!

    • William

      Who are you! That was very well put for a post to an article.

    • Jaker

      “polite”? Lol.

  • Jim Scobie

    Perhaps we should start to consider liberalism as a mental disorder.

    • Kim du Toit

      Works for me. And by the way, Brother James, good to see you’re still alive and kicking.

      • BruceMacMahon

        Kim, how’s things?

        • Kim du Toit

          Still kicking, just about to graduate.

    • alanstorm

      What do you mean, start?

    • Jaker


    • LiquidLanguage

      ha, says someone who likely believes in a man in the sky. And if you don’t, you’re going to hell, dontcha know? So, save yourself by eating the blood and flesh of a hippie (which doesn’t sound insane at all)

    • fastfood

      Or better yet, terrorist; After all, liberalism is being used to place the same label on the rest of us. Every coin has tow sides.

  • bridget

    She’s young, female, Hispanic, gorgeous, and has an Ivy League degree. Of course psychologically unstable liberals are going to attack her.

    • OldNHMan

      She doesn’t have to be young, Hispanic, or Ivy League educated. Just look at another strong capable woman that still drives them over the edge of insanity – Sarah Palin.

      • Ant

        Palin isn’t capable. You think she is but we know better.

        • OldNHMan

          Really? What do you know? Do you actually know her history or just the ignorant talking points brought forth by the Democrats, the MSM, and all the water carriers for Obama? You do realize that she has both business and government experience, was a very effective and popular mayor and governor, right? In fact her experience far exceeded that of the present occupant of the White House (and still does).

          Yet she isn’t capable?

          How do YOU define capable? Or was your comment just a hit and run ad hominem slam with little substance to back it up?

        • AndrewX

          No, you’ve been told she is not, and you believe it based on that alone. By the same people who told you Obamacare was going to be great, just you wait and see…..

          I am OH so curious…. give me one, just ONE, way in which presidential candidate Obama was more qualified than vice-presidential candidate Palin in 2008. Just one. One.

          Anxiously awaiting….

        • EricStoner

          That’s what troubles us about the left, one of many but, in this case, the hubris. “You know better” as you tread water in the septic tank that is this administration.

        • zj sky

          love it when liberals focus on Palin. She is a lightning rod for their fears and inadequacies. Keep focusing on a talking head who does not hold office you child

      • StallChaser

        That’s nothing. I know of someone who is center right, mostly moderate, not all that remarkable with his ideology, but will send some people into absolute frothing at the mouth hysterics. It’s funny to watch people lose their composure and go into a complete meltdown, rambling on about the end of the world and the sky is falling and we’re all gonna die. The funniest part about it is that they don’t even know what to believe. None of it is consistent. One moment, he’s some sort of sinister super jedi mastermind, thinking in 10 dimemsions, completing this impossibly complex plan that will somehow end in total control of the entire planet as world emperor. The next moment, he’s a complete bumbling fool, incapable of tying his shoes, let alone hold any actual position of power. In this mode, he’s more like one of those villains of a kid’s cartoon, where the hero is also incompetent, but it doesn’t matter because the villain’s plans will just fall apart on their own, even without any intervention from the hero.

        By now, most of you probably know who I’m talking about.

        *braces for impact*

        Barack Obama.

        • jamson64

          Lame. What a fallacious argument. You hired an idiot in Obama and that is quite clear. Remember Obamacare defines his presidency. Enjoy. Brace that. So laughable. The koolaid must be strong.

          • StallChaser

            For the record, I never mentioned Bush, or even made any reference to him. It’s funny that you bring him up, because conservatives usually pretend that eight years never happened.

            Anyways, a few website issues early on is hardly an indication of how well a program will work out. Obamacare isn’t perfect, but it beats what we had before.

          • zj sky

            No it does not beat what we had before. Millions are losing their insurance and being forced to choose coverage that in many cases is turning out to be more costly, have smaller networks for doctors and hospitals, has higher deductibles, etc.

            Your focus on the website is silly. The website not working is an indictment against the federal govt and the incompetence of those who have arbitrarily decided they know more about the health plans we choose than we do.

            Obamacare (or ACA) will not drive down healthcare costs for Americans. It essentially creates another large govt ponzi scheme akin to SSI. In this case, those with pre-existing conditions or the poor or the elderly will be subsidized by the healthy who are being forced to buy new plans on the exchanges.

            Obama and the Democrats lied repeatedly to pass this monstrosity. The dire effects of their lies, and the support of their lies by people like yourself, are being seen across the US every day.

            “because conservatives usually pretend that eight years never happened”

            Really – perhaps you should google the Democrats speeches against raising debt under Bush or the debt ceiling under Bush. Perhaps you can check out Reid’s comments against changing the filibuster rules when Bush was President?

          • StallChaser

            For each person losing their junk policy, more are getting a policy that actually works. Even if they get sick! Also, the complaints are just about the website at this point. There’s no evidence whatsoever that the ACA will be a failure.

            Insurance is about the healthy subsidising the poor. That’s how insurance works. You don’t know if you’ll need healthcare in the future. (I mean for the rest of us. I know you are an immortal and invincible superhero that can’t get hurt, and you’ll never have any use for the healthcare system, but deal with it.)

            As for the last part, do you remember when the Democrats threatened to default and cause a worldwide recession in a tantrum over the senate and president not defunding their own bill, which had already passed? Or refused to allow vacancies to be filled regardless of who was actually being appointed? Because I don’t.

          • Peter Smith

            actually it’s worse for most of us.

        • Bob Deveny

          Center right? In what universe?

      • Jaker

        Yeah capable at quitting and fleecing rubes such as yourself. She elicits mockery.

        • OldNHMan

          Yeah, quitting after a series of frivolous lawsuits were filed against her by Democrat-funded operatives all in an effort to bankrupt her. After running up over $500,000 in legal fees fighting off those suits, EVERY ONE of which was found to be without merit, she saw no other way out than to step down. Talk about a devious, underhanded, unethical, immoral means of crippling a governor. (At the time the Alaska governor had to cover her own legal fees in suits filed against her dealing with her duties and actions in office. That has now been changed, but only AFTER she was forced from office by the Democrat scumbags.) You are entitled to your own opinion, but you offer no facts to back up your accusations. It is you who are the rube to think that what she had done to her was perfectly OK, but I bet you’d be screaming the loudest if such tactics were ever used against you. Get a clue, troll.

        • EricStoner
      • John Greer

        Sarah Palin is a stain on the republican party and if she were to vanish the party would be better off.

        • OldNHMan

          John, how is she “a stain upon the Republican party”? In what manner? You’ve made the claim now I’d like to see you back that up with events, incidents, or actions that have ‘stained’ the GOP. Give me a couple of examples.

          Or are you merely making a drive-by statement that has nothing behind it other than your animosity towards Palin?

  • A Smith

    If she’s self-made and attractive, there’s no WAY she’s a Democrat.

  • teapartydoc

    The party of tolerance and diversity is made up of the most intolerant, hateful, worthless, lazy, immoral, hypocrites the world has ever seen.

  • BruceMacMahon

    I served with Garcia in the NH House. She’ll be an excellent congresswoman.

  • Eric

    Stop saying “democratic” this and “democratic” that. Its democrat, not democratic.

  • bobbymike34

    Cruz – Garcia 2016

    Democrat head ‘actually’ explode.

    • NewHampshire

      Rubio and West? Rubio = amnesty, West too bellicose. Cruz maybe…

      • bobbymike34

        Well that’s why I want Rubio out of the Senate and in a cabinet post. Also with the Dems now excercising the nuclear option confirmation would be easy at 51 votes especially if Reps win the Senate in 2014.
        And the prior post was kind of my “Democrats heads exploding dream team’ : )

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Another crazy hypocritical Leftard.

  • http://www.tempeteaparty.org Lee Reynolds

    If nothing else, the left provides students of psychology with a never-ending display of Freudian projection. Virtually everything they accuse others of are the things that they are either actively doing themselves, or would immediately engage in given the opportunity. Racism, sexism, voter fraud, etc, etc, etc. You name it, they’re up to their eyeballs in it.

    The only thing a leftist hates more than a popular “white” Republican candidate is a popular Republican candidate “of color.”

    The left seeks to manipulate people into voting for candidates on the basis of ethnic chauvinism instead of ideas or policies. They want members of various “minority” groups to support the Democratic party as part of their group identity. This is why they go stark raving mad when a Republican comes along who actually belongs to one of these groups. This is why they went thermonuclear on Sarah Palin and even went as far as to claim she is not a woman. Now they are attacking Garcia with everything they’ve got. Will it finally backfire? Lets hope so.

    These are not the actions of honest people with good ideas, or even good intentions. These are the actions of people whose yearning for power stems from the desire to wage ideological war upon their fellow citizens.

    • notgonna

      That was a fine example of projection Lee

    • Jaker

      Only on planet bizarro. Especially the part about liberals claiming Palin isn’t even a woman. That was just beautiful.

      • http://www.tempeteaparty.org Lee Reynolds

        That is precisely what was claimed about her. Bizarro people.

        • jamson64

          I can tell you’re smart as a whip.

          Well not even close.

          • http://www.tempeteaparty.org Lee Reynolds

            Schoolyard taunts are the hallmark of a 1st rate intelligence.

  • OldNHMan

    Sometimes the best way to deal with such intolerant sexist trash talk from cretins like Sullivan is to phrase replies as something that looks benign at first, but upon later reflection turn out to be a slam. It’s even better if the subject of such a slam never realizes what it is but everyone else outside that person’s sphere sees it for what it is: a richly deserved putdown that shows them in the worst possible light.

    I wish I was smart enough or eloquent enough to answer Sullivan’s sexist tweet with a proper putdown, but I doubt he’d even read it as I have a feeling it would make it past his internal censors.

  • mr marbles

    give the poor guy a break, look at his wife, he’s a bitter man LOL

  • Timothy Horrigan

    Ironically, at least one prominent conservative commentator admires Kim Kardashian: Wayne Allyn Root invited her to move to his home state of Nevada.


    (I followed suit, as a semi-prominent liberal, by inviting her to New Hampshire.)

    Bill O’Brien is a conservative icon, at least in some circles here in New Hampshire. So I am wondering where the actual insult is supposed to be in the equation:

    Bill O’Brien + Kim Kardashian = Marilinda Garcia

  • mikegiles

    Obviously it’s driving the Dems crazy that all he good looking women are Republicans.

    • Jaker

      Abby Huntsman. That is all.

    • Navy75

      It is almost as bad as when a minority or gay person proclaims conservative views. Grew up in NH, where did the conservative state go? Guess everyone moving up from Mass to escape did not want to escape that much.

  • Newfiedog

    This kind of attack isn’t only sexist, it’s racist. Call the b*st*rd out.

    • despicablelowlifes

      I didn’t see him claiming she’s unqualified because she’s Latino, but only because she’s a an attractive woman. So, just sexist works.

      • Newfiedog

        Just playing by the rules established by the Dems…every attack on BO is racism, it seems.

  • Look at this

    In this thread: A bunch of racists and sexists excuse their love of instutional prejudice because one asshole Democrat made some ignorant comments.

    If she was a Democrat, Republicans would be making stupid comments about her and then blaming the “PC police” when people got offended.

    • Bronx_Native

      In your comment: A giant turd making stupid claims and allegations to demonstrate how gigantic a turd they really are. I hope you have a miserable Thanksgiving. Turd.

    • jamson64

      You and others with your tired race card and dishonest arguments. For the stupid this will never end…. I will move on.

  • NewHampshire

    OH yawn… doesn’t the NH GOP have better things to do than respond to some nobody on Twitter? Garcia is a nice lady but is quite moderate and could hardly be called ‘tea party’….

  • Thomas Dobbins

    George Costanza+ Stay Puff Marshmallow Man = Peter Sullivan

  • roccolore

    Democrats hate women.

    • Cory Dawson

      I know, their opposition to the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act and their attempts to hamper womens ability to vote (because they won’t vote for them) is shameful. Wait…
      All politicians are naturally going to use unsavory tactics to win. Some will be more or less effective than others, some will be more or less underhanded than others, and some will be… ridiculous.
      Regardless of party, they’re going to say things that make us cringe, whether it be comparing the national debt to slavery and then telling me people they didn’t understand her definition of the word slavery or making undeserved, sexist remarks.
      Welcome to a world where we’re trying to pick who is going to do the least lying and do the least amount of damage. And we’re not always good at picking the right choice.

  • Pádraig Pearse

    What an asshole.

  • Tesha

    A pretty young Republican woman with extreme rightwing views reports that she’s running for higher office.

    One Democrat writes a Tweet comparing the pretty part… to a model, and the rightwing part… to an extremist rightwing NH politician.

    And this is ‘sexist’?
    Really? Making the whole party sexist? Really? Demanding everyone jump in and declare what some misrepresent as sexist while it is just one man’s tweet?

    More like a manufactured outrage, and the comments here are hilarious… Do they realize that they are being used? And used by AFP? The Koch machine in NH? That should be what people are outraged about

    • Bronx_Native

      You sound like an ignorant person who holds extremist views yourself missy.

    • notgonna

      Shhhh, they need something to counter with their actual war on women. One just has to look at and compare submitted legislation dealing with women’s reproductive rights, pay, and protection from both parties.

    • jamson64

      The Koch machine? Lay off the koolaid . You’re too much.

      • Tesha

        Do yourself a big favor and check the connection, Jamson.

  • Sman88

    Goes to show that both partys have their heads up their asses.

  • Ant

    So that was stupid of him. Now all you republicans are going to “forget” about the hundreds of GOP attacks on women and blame it all on Democrats.

    • TxFalt

      Hundreds of attacks? Sources?

  • Jack Kimball

    You don’t get attacked by the Dems unless they are worried about you. In Marilinda’s case, the Dems have plenty to worry about. Go get em Marilinda.

  • Joe

    @CitizenSullivan has now protected his tweets. What a coward – smear a lady, then run away and hide.

  • Minister Rutherford

    I wonder if she likes black meat as much as Sarah Palin seems to?

    • OldNHMan

      Huh? Or was that a backhanded racist slam?

    • romanmoronie

      Fine example of why a progressive Democrat should be butchered like the pigs that they are.

    • Glitch Girl

      What’s that spell? Slur – the hallmark of liberalism

  • cenobyte40k

    Sense we are talking about a women that called the GOP “the party of old white men” and then used her being an attractive female as a selling point in her campaigns I am not sure she really has room to complain.

    Oh and let me know when you guys start bashing Rush and all those other right wing sexist, bigoted, racist, people that are on your side. The people on this forums in ability to see themselves or their own party is kind of amazing. But that’s why you guys can’t seem to win a single race that isn’t germander for you.

    • NH Citizen

      Garcia did not call the GOP “the party of old white men”. A newspaper reporter said she said that. Garcia actually said that the “Democrats are always trying to stereotype the GOP as the ‘party of old white men’.” Garcia is just one of many Republicans that threaten to expose the Democrat’s racial and sexist approach to campaigning and governing

  • tcp53

    Republican = Liberty, Democrat = TYRANNY

    • commonsensenowlost

      Oh, I like this game. You can re-arrange the words in any order and still be right!

    • despicablelowlifes

      Conservative = Liberty, Liberal = TYRANNY

  • Lee Ann Walker-Brown

    Pieces of shit people are pieces of shit…. doesn’t matter party politics or religion or race or anything else.

  • RKumpf

    Want to learn more about Marilinda Garcia?

    Check out http://www.marilindagarcia.com and help her make NH great again!

  • RKumpf

    Want to send a message to Peter Sullivan and his friends?

    Go to http://www.marilindagarcia.com and donate today!

    Help Marilinda make NH great again.

  • Leaven for the Loaf

    Rep. Garcia earned about 5800 votes last November. Rep. Sullivan got his seat with only about 1600 votes. She can afford to let his abuse roll off her back. I’m just sorry his district isn’t in CD2. She could have had fun there going door to door.

  • MaleMatters

    Re: “For too long women in our society have been judged by their appearance rather than their accomplishments and made subject to the ignorant assaults of men like Peter Sullivan.”

    I agree, except it’s not just men who attack women.

    • MacTrish

      “except it’s not just men who attack women.”
      True, liberals both male and female, have no couth and usually no facts, when attacking conservative women. They are permitted by their colleagues to spew foul and sometimes slanderous comments, with no repercussions. The classic liberal double standard is alive and well.

  • Agrippa

    A “lightweight,” huh? Kinda like you yourself, huh? Sounds like she scares the living hell out of you, pal. Wet your little-boy pants much? Hope the folks in NH will vote her in by a 20-point margin; teach you a lesson.

  • Dimart45

    The real stupidity of this is that the Democratic women are so ignorant that they bought into the “War on Women” and promoted it to a ridiculous degree – and never saw that the joke was on them. They helped to elect a man who has absolutely no caring about women in general whatsoever, and stand along side of others who mock them. They really are a pathetic lot.

  • KennesawJack

    What is really fun to watch is the lefty feminists attacks on Dems who say these kinds of things about women. No. Wait a sec. I think I might have that wrong.

  • despicablelowlifes

    If Liberals didn’t have their double-standard, they’d have no standards at all.

  • spin43

    Who would actually be reading Peter Sullivan’s tweets? The Demonrats are poisoning the country. Why is the Marxist Pope cheering them?.

  • Glitch Girl

    Um….sarah who?

  • spin43

    Of course, this story never made the left leaning media. They are more concerned with Sarah Palin saying the word “slavery.”

  • gadsdengurl

    Peter Sullivan you have no class, but these girls do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbDv4AxK0dY

  • Marion

    I don’t find that either side is particularly tolerant of the other’s views and each seems bent on assuming the worst intentions. Which is a shame. A verified quote by Pete Seeger says, “It’s very important to learn to talk to people you disagree with.”

    Mr. Rogers would say the same.

    Rather than the mudslinging, spleen venting invectives, if we could simply try to understand, if not agree with, the other’s perspectives, it might go a long way toward restoring civility and a more stable society and allow voters to concentrate on educating themselves about issues.

    I did just watch a video of Ms. Garcia speaking to a group of people in which, although she did acknowledge some issues with the weather, she laid the primary cause for the death of Jamestown colonists on collectivism. She said, “The majority of them starved to death. And why is that? Because they had public land.”

    This statement leads me to lend far less weight to her university degree. I’m sure that she’s a personable , intelligent woman and well intended. However, such a statement does make me clutch my head…