Viral e-mail hits Rolecek for Dem contributions

District 4 Executive Council candidate Chuck Rolecek is facing a sneaky viral e-mail attack over his past contributions to Democrats. Rolecek, a Republican, has given several thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates for Governor over the past six election cycles. The e-mail, which appears to be professionally produced, contains no disclaimer, so it is unclear if the attack comes directly from one of Rolecek’s primary opponents, Bob Burns or Tom DeBlois.

Nevertheless, Rolecek has earned the support of the powerful – and conservative – Union Leader, which recently opined:

Rolecek hopes to use his skills and creativity to improve executive branch efficiency and make the state leaner and less costly for the taxpayers. He does not simply assert that his business background qualifies him to serve, he suggests ways in which the council might help the governor cut costs.

Moreover, he listens. Rolecek brings his own ideas to the table, but he also actively invites suggestions from the public. He has done that for years in his businesses, which has helped to make them highly successful, and he is doing it on the campaign trail.

That is the kind of leader who would serve the taxpayers well on the Executive Council. Republicans voting in the District 4 primary would do well to send Rolecek on to the general election in November.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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