VIDEO: State House budget protest

NH Journal went in the field to get some footage of the union-organized protests outside the State House on Thursday. While not as large as had been advertised, they did force Speaker O’Brien to close the House viewing gallery during the controversial vote to pass the House Republican-proposed budget.

Check out the video below, where we talk to Democratic Party officials, Tea Party ‘crashers’, a Speaker O’Brien impersonator, and listen to an (actually pretty good) marching band:

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Patjhynes

    Note how this woman breaks script. I don’t think she was supposed to be telling people she was a straight up Democrat activist. She was supposed to just be a “random activist” like the giant rat. These folks should at least be honest about who they are and why they are protesting.

  • Richard Whitney

    Where are the “thousands” of protesters? Looks like maybe 100 if they are lucky!

    • Atchasse

      Agreed, Richard, but to be fair please note that I didn’t make it in time for the “primetime” protest scheduled from 12-1, this video was taken at about 2pm so some of them had disbursed. However, I agree that it’s hard to believe that 4,900 people disappeared so quickly!