Video: Shea-Porter in 2010 “if you have insurance…it’s not going to change”

As President Obama comes under fire – and tanking approval ratings – for apparently false statements that Americans who had insurance at the time of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act would be able to keep those plans, speculation among Granite State political insiders has centered on how Democratic incumbents will handle the law’s unpopularity during the upcoming 2014 campaign.

As NH Journal previously reported, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has already begun to distance herself from the new law, penning a letter to President Obama complaining about difficulties with the website and indicating openness to delaying the law’s individual mandate.

First District Rep. Carol Shea-Porter is expected to have a tougher time distancing herself from Obamacare given her vocal support for the law. To that end, conservative group Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released a 2010 video of Shea-Porter making a promise similar to President Obama’s assurance that previous policyholders would be able to keep their coverage:

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has uncovered video from 2010 with Rep. Carol Shea-Porter saying something similar to President Obama: “It’s our job to say, if you have insurance, and your employer covers you, it’s not going to change.”

Watch the video here:

Shea-Porter’s statement is belied by the tens of thousands of New Hampshire citizens, and millions across the country, currently receiving notices that they are being dropped by their insurance carrier.

Author: Staff Reporter

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