VIDEO: Lamontagne refutes Hassan’s attacks

For Granite Staters who weren’t able to tune in to the final gubernatorial debate, hosted by WMUR on Thursday, Republican Ovide Lamontagne’s campaign has released video clips of some key moments, where Lamontagne hits back against some of the more egregious charges made by Democrat Maggie Hassan and her allies.

In one clip, Lamontagne addresses one of the more bizarre points of contention in the election – that he would get rid of kindergarten as governor. He points to his experience as a teacher and Chairman of the state Board of Education, stating that he supports the current law requiring New Hampshire children to attend kindergarten.

Then, discussing the state budget, Lamontagne emphasized that he favors the same zero-based budgeting approach as outgoing Gov. John Lynch, while as a State Senator Hassan presided over the widely-panned 2009 budget, which Lamontagne described as “a failed budget that was called that by every paper in the state,” and left the state with a $300 million deficit.

Finally he addressed some of the more outlandish ads, painting him as a “lobbyist” – to which he pointed out he had never met longtime State Senator Hassan until the current campaign, which would be impossible if he was lobbying at the State House. He also addressed ads calling him “extreme” on women’s issues, affirming his support to full healthcare access for women, and turning the “extreme” argument on Hassan, citing her vote against parental notification for minors. “Let me tell you what’s extreme,” said Lamontagne, “Senator Hassan would deny the family of a young woman – a minor daughter – who finds herself with an unintended pregnancy the ability to work with that child by putting government between the parents and the children of our state.

With the heavy television spending by both parties, its important for New Hampshire voters to have the opportunity to hear the candidates in their own words before heading to the polls on Tuesday.

Author: Staff Reporter

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