Veterans, enough is enough

The latest budget-related Government closure has shown the real Barak Obama to be a hateful, vindictive man who cares about nothing but himself and his legacy. Granted, there is plenty of blame for this government shut down, enough for both sides of the political spectrum, but Obama’s hateful, mean-spirited comments and actions make him one of the most vile and despicable politicians ever. By placing Jersey barriers at the World War II Memorial, by his order, not some underling, is an assault on the men and women of the Greatest Generation. Those veterans fought to end tyranny and imperialism that threatened our very way of life. Now they must deal with a tyrant in America with the arrogance and inability to speak the truth like some of the characters they helped defend this nation from those many years ago.

The very idea of placing those Jersey barriers in front of the entrance to the World War II Memorial is one of the lowest political moves ever witnessed by this country. Many of these wonderful veterans won’t be able to make this trip again, because our World War II veterans are passing away by such large numbers that the Honor Flights are soon going to find it difficult to locate World War II veterans that can travel. And to that end, with many of these proud veterans in wheel chairs, Mr. Obama knew they could not scale the barriers like they did at Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and countless other crossroads and sea and air battles where thousands of their brave comrades lay. The Memorial should never be closed to those living World War II veterans to come to the Memorial to remember their fellow veterans who gave up all of their tomorrows so we could enjoy today. It is time for us veterans to once again pull together and stop this nonsense.

Veterans, you all can make a difference for these brave men and women of our Greatest Generation by calling Senators Shaheen and Ayotte, Congresswomen Shea-Porter and Kuster, and tell them to open that Memorial now and then get on with the people’s work. Enough is enough. Call their offices until the phone lines melt. This is a battle worth fighting. For those who gave us the greatest country in the world, let us show these veterans the respect they deserve. Take down those barriers.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers and a member of the New Hampshire State Veterans Council

Author: Jim Adams

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