Van Ostern has long history of support for income, sales tax

He says he’s running for Executive Council because he wants taxpayers to pay for more abortions, and Colin Van Ostern has certainly supported plenty of new and higher tax initiatives to pay for them.

Just last year, Van Ostern worked for Democrat Congressional candidate Ann McLane Kuster, an avid and longtime supporter of a state income tax.

Prior to that, Van Ostern worked for pro-sales tax Gov. Jeanne Shaheen’s U.S. Senate campaign.

His current employer is vocal income tax advocate Gary Hirshberg.

“Maybe he’ll try to push through broadbased taxes to fund abortions,” one GOP operative joked to NH Journal.

Support for a sales or income tax is often poisonous in New Hampshire campaigns, though Van Ostern will be running in Concord, among other communities, which generally favors higher taxes due to it’s high concentration of government employees.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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