Update: New conservative group plans Friday rally for Cruz

Monday, March 23 Update:


Can Granite State conservatives really consolidate their support behind a single presidential candidate? It’s a tall order. But two leaders of the newly formed 603 Alliance and Conservative Business League of New Hampshire, LLC, say it’s important to make a concerted effort to have that occur.


Andrew Hemingway, the former candidate for governor and former head of the Republican Liberty Alliance of New Hampshire, said that at the groups’ scheduled summit on April 19 (see story below) he intends to lay out a plan to make it work.


“At the summit in April, there will be a grassroots summit where we will present a plan, ideally a way for conservatives to consolidate and unite,” Hemingway told the New Hampshire Journal. “We feel it is time in New Hampshire that we take that leadership role and recognize there are a number of candidates that we like, but we realize that in order for us to win we have to work together.”


Hemingway also said that the “Summit of Grassroots Activists” planned for April 19 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua is an organizing event, and that no candidates are being invited.


Another leader of the groups, former NHGOP chairman Jack Kimball, who is also a former head of the RLCNH, said, “We are going to be working with the constitutional conservative candidates and get them around to the right people. The alliance is focused on keeping the liberty people and the Tea Party people informed. Those are the folks that we want to stay in close contact with.”


Kimball said the CBL-NH plans a rally featuring newly announced candidate for President Ted Cruz on Friday, March 27, at 3 p.m. at VFW Post 8641, in Merrimack. Cruz will also have other events that day and on Saturday.


Kimball said the rally should not be construed as an endorsement and there will be similar events for other candidates.


“Our goal is to make certain that the constitutional conservative candidates get in front of as many New Hampshire get in front of as many New Hampshire voters as possible. Anyone in New Hampshire who considers themselves to be a constitutional conservative Republican or undeclared voter, we want to get these candidates in front of as many of those people as possible, to narrow the field and hopefully agree” on a single candidate later this year,” Kimball said.


(Our earlier report follows:)


Thursday, March 19:


 NH conservatives launch groups aimed at consolidating support behind a single POTUS candidate



An announcement late Thursday launched two conservative/constitutionalist organizations that appear to be an effort to shake up the GOP establishment with the presidential primary campaign at hand.


The 603 Alliance and a separate, but complementary group, the Conservative Business League of New Hampshire, is an effort to consolidate support of New Hampshire conservatives behind a single candidate for President.


According to the announcement, “These activists realize from past elections that splitting their votes among numerous conservative candidates enables the moderate establishment to cruise to victory, and that only a consolidating effort on their parts will result in a victory for a conservative candidate.”


The 603 Alliance steering committee comprises former candidate for governor Andrew Hemingway of Bristol, and longtime conservative activists Mike and Mar Mar Rogers of Hollis and James Kofalt of Wilton. Also mentioned as involved in the group are former state Rep. Fran Wendelboe of New Hampton and Di Lothrop of Nashua.


The purpose, the group says, is “impacting the outcome of the New Hampshire First-in-the-Nation Primary election.”


The alliance announced it will have an official launch on April 19. Its “summit meeting” will follow the NHGOP’s “First-in-the-Nation Republican Leadership Summit,” which is set for April 17 and 18. It is even being held in the same venue – the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua. A question is immediately raised: How many of the 16 candidates currently booked for the NHGOP summit will stay and address the 603 Alliance Summit?


The two groups’ web sites can be viewed here and here.


Here is how the two groups were announced tonight:


“On April 19, in the City of Nashua, New Hampshire, the live-free-or-die state, there is going to be a loud bang very much like the shot heard around the world made on April 19, 1775 in Massachusetts.

“Well-known conservative activists and like-minded constitutionalists in New Hampshire and surrounding states will launch their new initiative, the 603 Alliance for the purpose of impacting the outcome of the New Hampshire First-in-the-National Primary election.

“These activists realize from past elections that splitting their votes among numerous conservative candidates enables the moderate establishment to cruise to victory, and that only a consolidating effort on their parts will result in a victory for a conservative candidate.

“The 603 Alliance has found a solution to this problem and will be revealing that plan to their supporters at the Summit meeting on April 19th, when the 603 Alliance is launched at the Crown Plaza in Nashua, NH, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Details on speakers and content of this Summit will be posted on the 603 Alliance website. www.603alliance.org

“Many Grassroots groups have already been introduced to this concept by the 603 Alliance and will be attending this Summit to endorse this initiative.

“A separate, though complimentary, organization has just been launched in New Hampshire and shares principles similar to those of the 603 Alliance. The Conservative Business League of New Hampshire, LLC (CBL-NH) is a membership organization of concerned citizens and businesses, whose goal is to educate the citizens of New Hampshire about constitutional conservative candidates who embody the principles of CBL-NH. These principles include personal and economic freedom, as well as working toward a debt-free future.

“The focus of CBL-NH includes immigration reform, tax reform, and adherence to the 1st, 2nd, 9th, and 10th amendments to the US Constitution. The primary focus for 2015 will be the Presidential Primary and the conservative candidates, with a shift in 2016 to the State and Federal races.

“CBL-NH will provide support for candidates by holding events for its members and supporters. In addition, CBL-NH will aggressively promote and provide candidate access to non-traditional Republicans, constitutionalists and conservatives, disenfranchised voters, and undeclared voters.”


Author: John DiStaso

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