Two new ads: Shaheen focuses on NH, Brown criticizes Shaheen, ACA

By JOHN DiSTASO, News Editor


CONCORD — Two ads in the U.S. Senate race released on Wednesday show contrasting approaches by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and potential GOP general election challenger Scott Brown.


Shaheen’s new television ad focuses on her ties to New Hampshire and what she has accomplished locally in her effort to put “New Hampshire First,” which is the title of the ad.


Brown’s ad new radio ad continues the GOP drumbeat of tying Shaheen to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act, although he does mention his New Hampshire ties as well.


The Shaheen ad is a positive piece. It includes Shipyard worker Paul O’Connor saying, “When jobs at our shipyard were threatened, Senator Shaheen went to bat for us.”


Berlin Mayor Paul Grenier says: “The Berlin prison sat empty for two years. Jeanne Shaheen got it open and got people to work.”


Mary Carey Foley notes that Shaheen acted to help facilitate the reconstruction of the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, while Mike Cook of North Hampton credits her with, “…widening I-93 to ease the commute.”


Nickie Mattia cites the new Jobs Corps Center under construction in Manchester, while Eddie DeBlois of Milan says, “She fights for the people of New Hampshire.”


Brown’s new radio ad today focuses on what the GOP sees as the big national issue, charging that Shaheen and President Barack Obama “forced a health care system on us that doesn’t work.”


Titled “Why I’m Running,” Brown also mentions about his own ties to New Hampshire and then talks about the Affordable Care Act business mandate, which takes effect in January.


The script, follows:


SCOTT BROWN: This is Scott Brown, running for the United States Senate. I was born at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. My mom was a waitress at Hampton Beach. My dad, an airman at Pease. I’ve been a homeowner and taxpayer in Rye for over 20 years. I care about New Hampshire.


FEMALE VOICE: You’re listening to Scott Brown on his campaign for Senate.


SCOTT BROWN: President Obama and Senator Shaheen forced on us a health care system that doesn’t work. It hurt families, took away their options, and next year, it gets worse. Businesses will be mandated to offer coverage, which means higher costs and fewer jobs.


FEMALE VOICE: Scott Brown, talking about how Obamacare harms the economy.


SCOTT BROWN: I want to help employers add jobs, with decent pay and annual raises, so families can pay their bills and save for retirement. Sometimes Washington needs to know when to get out of the way. I’m Scott Brown and I approve this message because I want to preserve New Hampshire’s great way of life.
The ad ends with the necessary disclaimer.


The state Democratic Party said the Brown ad “insults New Hampshire’s working families by hoping they won’t recall his opposition to increasing the minimum wage.”


It notes that Brown’s ad says he supports “decent pay” and “annual raises,” despite the fact that he opposes giving 110,000 people in New Hampshire a much needed raise by increasing the minimum wage to $10.10.”


The party said, “Scott Brown’s phoniness continues to reach new levels with each passing day. Brown can’t declare he wants ‘decent pay’ and ‘annual raises’ while he continues to oppose a raise in the minimum wage.”


Author: John DiStaso

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