Tough PFFNH ‘internal’ video hits Brown votes on key fire fighters’ issues

With the Senate election too close to call a week out, a scathing internal video about Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown by the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire has made its way public.


The six-minute piece accuses Brown of doing little to back first responders while he was U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and praises Sen. Jeanne Shaheen as a “friend.”


The PFFNH has long been among Shaheen’s staunchest supporters.


PPFNH president David Lang told the New Hampshire Journal the video was meant for “members use only.”


However, it was posted on Twitter in recent days as the race between Shaheen and Brown has tightened and some polls now have Brown ahead.


“In this race it’s important for our members to be well-educated and to know that there is a history with both candidates,” Lang said. “We spend a tremendous amount of time having conversations with our members as to the issues of importance in the political arena, so when they go into the voting booth, they know who is going to look out for our best interests.”


Lang said that when Brown represented Massachusetts in the Senate, the firefighters in that state “didn’t like that he did not do some of the stuff he said he was going to do.’


Lang acknowledged that the race is close.


“Every vote is close and at this point it’s up to the ground game,” he said. He said the video is aimed at getting his members to the polls.


In the video, Lang casts Brown as “someone who thought he might sneak up across the border into New Hampshire and run for the U.S. Senate” and Shaheen as “a true friend of New Hampshire’s firefighters.”


The video includes comments from local firefighters and national IAFF leaders as well as leader of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts.


Brown is criticized for opposing the Zadroga Act, which set up at World Trade Center Health Program for 9/11 first responders, for voting to filibuster collective bargaining for the firefighters union nationally after initially voting for it, and for voting to “sunset” in 2016 the “SAFER” bill, which the union says provides federal grants to help communities fund firefighters, after he initially voted to implement the program.


PPFNH has 2,000 active and retired members in New Hampshire.


There was no immediate response from the Brown campaign to a request for comment on the video, which is below.

Author: John DiStaso

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