The cost of unforced referee errors: $150-200m

No, that’s not a typo. And if I were a gambling man, I suppose I wouldn’t want to hear the words “official, referees, lingerie football” or any variation of said terms ever, ever again.

But yep, the rumors are true. The estimated cost of the blown call in the now infamous Monday Night Football game (or something) to those brave enough to play the odds is estimated to total out between small sums: $150-200 million.

Meanwhile, at the real NFL refs’ lockout party:

The earlier recap mentioned that the NFL was supposedly going to ‘address’ the hoopla of last night’s hail mary play on Tuesday, and they have in so many words. As expected, the outcome of the game has not been reversed, though the league stated that Golden Tate should have been slapped with an offensive pass interference penalty.

But doesn’t that mean the touchdown, thus the outcome of the game, should have been reversed?

I digress. Either way, there are some unhappy gamblers out there this week. Had the yellow flag been thrown, or had an interception been called, the Packers would have covered the 3.5 spread odds-makers gave them prior to kickoff. As the ESPN report noted, a 100 percent shift resulted in the call; all bets were reversed.

Of course, that’s not including the estimates from those who deal with online bets. Mike Perry, editor of, placed the loss to “closer between $200 million and $250 million” and Danny Sheridan (linesetter for USA Today) gave an estimate near $1 billion.

Hey, maybe there’s hope. President Obama has expressed his disagreement with the call, so maybe sports fans who want to watch a game with credible officiating can get a bailout?

Author: Sports Guy

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