The biggest and most powerful special interest of them all

We are all very aware of the numerous special interest-courting politicians in Washington for their various causes. But quietly and under the radar, one special interest has grown and continues to grow exponentially. The federal government is that growing special interest we need to get control of. Nationwide over 21 million people work for the federal government or 16% of the entire workforce in this country. In the last 10 years, private sector jobs have grown at approximately 1 % during that same period that the government workforce has grown by 15%. This is a very disturbing trend. With the technology available, the actual number of government employees in all but National Defense and Security, should be going down, not growing at the pace it presently is.

With sequestration, the cuts are not being made in the right places. The first place to start is reducing the number of redundant, unnecessary positions. When you look at the disparity in salary as compared to the private sector, the numbers are astounding. Since 2009, the average government employee’s salary and benefits is $123,000 per year while the private sector average salary and benefits is approximately $61,000 per year. And, I might add, the private sector employee/taxpayer is funding the salary of the government employee.

This special interest has certainly been very well looked after by the Obama administration. According to the website,, since 2009, the following changes have been made by the “I Care about the Working Man” Obama. In 2009, only one employee in the U.S. Department of Transportation earned $170,000 per year. Now, nearly 1,700 employees earn $170,000 per year. The Department of Defense in 2009 had 1,800 employees earning $150,000 per year. Now, over 10,000 employees earn over $150,000.

These numbers are staggering, when the nation’s economy went through the worst period since the Great Depression, the Obama administration was raising salaries and doing little to combat waste, fraud, and abuse of Federal employees, i.e., the GSA debacle that wasted $800,000 of taxpayers’ money with very little discipline meted out. This once again shows this administration’s complete lack of caring about the working men and women and their fixation on special interests.

Contact your Senators and Congress women and ask them how this could possibly happen. There needs to be Congressional hearings to ascertain how something this ridiculous could occur. With all of the belt-tightening and sacrifices the working men and women of this nation have made over the last 4 years, this shows the arrogance and complete disconnect with working people of this administration. Congress must address this, the most critical special interest of all.

At the end of the day, the taxpayers are paying the tab for all of the growth in government and the across-the-board increase in salaries. How do the national media allow this to go unnoticed? Where is the cry for a complete investigation? Hopefully, you the taxpayers will start asking your representatives in Washington.

Jim Adams is the Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers Alliance

Author: Jim Adams

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