Texans survive the Jets and Brady tops Manning

As always, I’m firing on not-quite all cylinders so expect more rambling than anything focused, but let’s kick this thing off.

The Texans emerged from last night’s Monday duel with the offensive juggernaut that is the New York Jets (umm…yeah) still unbeaten but battered. Brian Cushing, who just so happens to be a critical defensive component, went down with what may well be a torn ACL. Such injuries don’t bode well, at all, for a young team looking to finally get over the hump and reach elite status in the NFL.

Personally, I’ve said all year that, while the Texans will likely win their division, this probably not their year for making a serious playoff run. They simply don’t have enough experience under their belt yet, in this (sports) guy’s mind at least. But, for now at least, the Texans remain with the Atlanta Falcons as the only unbeaten teams in the league.

As for that Other Team for New York, it may finally be Tebow Time.

Moving forward, in a game that renewed the what feels like age-old clash between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, the Patriots emerged victorious over the Denver Broncos by a count of 31-21. In turn, the Pats have now topped .500 on the year (3-2) and Brady has improved his personal mark against Manning to 9-4.

How far Denver will go this reason is obviously yet to be determined, but you’ve got to hat tip Manning; the Broncos trailed 31-7 with five minutes left in the third quarter.

It’s not quite Brady’s performance in that Buffalo game a couple of weeks ago, but I digress.

The other Manning led the Giants to a 41-27 win over the Cleveland Browns. Look on the bright side though, Cleveland: number one overall draft pick Trent Richardson has rushed for a touchdown in 4 straight games. That’s a franchise first.

On the baseball front, the postseason is in full-swing, but more will probably come on that in a separate post.

UPDATE: On that baseball front, I’m going to go ahead and leadoff the MLB postseason predictions I should have led off with last week. As far as tonight’s Divsion Series games go, the San Francisco Giants find themselves trailing the Cincinatti Reds two games to none in a best of five series while the Oakland A’s are in an identical predicament against the Detroit Tigers. Currently, the Reds and Giants are deadlocked 1-1 but A’s-Tigers won’t throw out the first pitch until later.

I have looked at no odds on either game, nor conducted an in-depth study, but I predict the Reds will close out their series tonight while the A’s will stove off elimination by forcing a fourth game.

Author: Sports Guy

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