Taxes go overboard in Friday’s ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’

Until NHPR finds a way to edit the daily ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ series from Ovide Lamontagne’s campaign, the barrage will likely not end.

The final tax in this week’s round of entries, part of the chronicle of the near-100 taxes Maggie Hassan backed as a New Hampshire state Senator, again focuses on the increased costs for taxpayers hoping to enjoy the water.

“Already we’ve highlighted the increase in vessel registration fees, agent fees and transfer fees, as well as the cost associated with earning a captain’s license. Today, we note that associated with her doubling of the registration fee, Sen. Hassan increased by 50% the portion of that fee directed towards a lake restoration fund,” state Lamontagne spokesman Tom Cronin.

The campaign’s release further barrages Hassan’s record as making it “more expensive for New Hampshire boaters to ‘sail the ocean blue.’”

Author: Staff Reporter

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