Survey: Readers Like Ovide, Undecided on Democrats, Want Ayotte to Stay in Senate, and See Sunshine with Rubio

Over the last week, NH Journal readers left little doubt about their positions in our recent survey.

Ovide Lamontagne has a big lead over Republican Primary rival Kevin Smith, 60%-13% with 27% undecided. This doesn’t come as a big surprise to many given that Ovide has become a household name in New Hampshire for his three campaigns (US House in 1992, Governor in 1996 and US Senate in 2010) over the last two decades, most recently losing to US Senator Kelly Ayotte in the Primary.

Smith, while not a newcomer to politics, knows he has an uphill battle but is working hard and is the first candidate of either party to unveil a variety of policy positions and agenda items should he be elected Governor. Smith has also launched an aggressive Town Hall Meeting strategy.

As opposed to years past when Lamontagne was the outsider candidate, he has rapidly become the establishment choice for Governor this year locking down big endorsements from former US Senator Judd Gregg, former Congressman and state senator Jeb Bradley and incumbent Congressman Charlie Bass.

While Ovide is the frontrunner, the election is four months away and primaries are anything but predictable – just ask outgoing US Senator Dick Lugar from Indiana.

On the Democratic side, 79% of NH Journal readers are undecided though former state senator Maggie Hassan registered a slight lead 12%-9%.

An overwhelming 70% of NH Journal readers said they want don’t want US Senator Kelly Ayotte to be Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. Many comments reference that she is doing a great job in the Senate and should stay there to help New Hampshire. The majority of comments believe, while she is quickly becoming a leader in Washington, she doesn’t have enough experience. However, our favorite comment is, “She’s too intelligent to be a President’s flunky and source of jokes.”

The biggest contest was among the other names being floated as possible Vice Presidential nominees for Romney. Junior US Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, came out on top with 30% of NH Journal readers wanting him to be Romney’s pick. The runner up is former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice with 23% and a distant third is NJ Governor Chris Christie. Congressman Paul Ryan was the only other name to break double digits with 11%. Coming in dead last of the ten names mentioned was Virgnia Governor Bob McDonnell with only 2%.

Finally, while there are still plenty of Hillary Clinton fans in New Hampshire, NH Journal readers think Obama should stick with current VP Joe Biden by a margin of 69-31.

Nearly 1,000 NH Journal readers participated in the survey conducted between last Friday and Tuesday.

View the full survey results below:

NHJ May Survey

Author: Staff Reporter

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