Surprise: Senate Dems raising money off of HHS mandate

You didn’t really think it was about public policy did you?

From the word go many conservatives smelled a rat when the federal Department of Health and Human Services mandated that Catholic institutions violate the tenants of their faith and pay for “free” birth control in the health care coverage they offer their employees.

Get Republicans talking about social issues! Smoke Romney out on the Massachusetts health care law! Get everyone angry and divide the nation! To hell with religious liberty! Right?

Well, the whole thing seems to have blown up in the Obama administration’s face. The Catholic Bishops are so angry they are thisclose to telling their flock for whom to vote in November, or at least for whom not to vote. Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen poll shows most Americans side with the Bishops on this issue, not Obama and the left.

But that hasn’t stopped Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wa.), who heads up the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from sending out a – you guessed it – fundraising appeal to “fight back against right wing attacks against women’s health.”

“I can hardly believe this: Republican Senators are pushing legislation that will allow any employer to deny women coverage for birth control! Yes, you read that right. Birth control,” Murray writes dishonestly. 

“Who could have imagined that in 2012 we’d be fighting over access to something as fundamental as birth control? It just shows exactly how extreme these Republicans are – and just how crucial it is that we defeat them,” she continues.

Murray is being grossly dishonest here. Republicans are talking neither about “birth control” nor “women’s health” but rather religious liberty and the right to conscience. Furthermore, the only reason it is a discussion at all is because of an HHS dictate that Catholics and other religious groups violate their conscience and provide “free” birth control to their employees.

Everything people need to know about this is that it is now a fundraising tool for Democrats running for Senate.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    Dems become more evil every day! 
    None of their misrepresentations would be possible if the media was’t totally in the tank for their side.  Dems are allowed to get away with outright lies and Republicans are portrayed as devils with a tail and a pitchfork!

  • Anonymous

    No one listened when we didn’t want Obamacare either. Did they? This man is a dictator in the making. 

  • nhJeff

    Oh geesh the same old biased reporting.  Of course the people oppose mandates on “churches and religious institutions.”  But those aren’t the targets of the Obama law.  The targets are secular services affiliated with churches.For instance, Catholic-affiliated hospitals would have to provide coverage for birth control to their employees who desire it.  Many years ago, Catholic hospitals were staffed by church members–especially nuns and volunteers.  But today they are complex secular organizations serving diverse communities with a diverse workforce.  Many communities would have no hospital at all if it were not for Catholic health care.

    So when we talk about religious freedom, we must ask whether the Roman Catholic Church can dictate religious beliefs to their employees who don’t share them.  What’s next?  Can they also refuse to pay for HIV screening?  How about eliminating coverage for STD’s generally. 

    The funny thing about the question is that nobody is asking the insurance plans to pay more money.  Avoiding even one unintended pregnancy should pay for birth control for many other employees.  And the employees most likely to skip birth control because of the cost are also the least able to pay the costs of bearing that child.

    Almost everyone who isn’t a member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy things that contraceptives are an essential part of family planning and that it should be widely available.  Most people would be horrified to think that people are having babies because they had to choose between groceries and contraception.  Most people understand that the institutions in question are secular and accept vast amounts of taxpayer money to fund their missions. 

    If pollsters ask in that context, they will find that the vast majority of Americans support providing contraceptive services. 

    • Anonymous

      People should buy their own contraceptive services.  If they have to choose between paying for food and paying for condoms/birth control pills, they obviously need to get their priorities straight.

  • KJN

    Can someone post a link to the full text of Sen. Patty Murray’s fundraising letter?