Supporters defend Shaheen as a ‘leader’ on national security

CONCORD — State Democrats today tapped military experts from the progressive Truman National Security Project and a retired Air Force Colonel to call Republican Scott Brown’s foreign policy speech and criticism of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen an exercise in political opportunism, with no substance.

“Scott Brown’s approach is one of the most politically opportunistic approaches to foreign policy I’ve seen recently, and the confusion is not on Jeanne Shaheen’s part. It’s on Mr. Brown’s,” said Doug Wilson, a senior fellow at the Truman Project and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.”


New Hampshire native Michael Breen, executive director of the Truman Project, said Shaheen is “a voice of reason and strength in the Senate and is one of our leading elected leaders when it comes to national security.


“Brown is taking a national security issue, and offering no affirmative answers other than the U.S. pay ransoms to terrorists,” Breen said. “Remarks like those tell me that Scott Brown neither has the experience nor the knowledge to be a leader in the fight against terrorism. If Scott Brown is suggesting that what we are doing now with dozens of air strikes against dozens of targets isn’t enough, then what is he suggesting exactly? My assumption is that he will evade the question and we’ll see that this is political opportunism with very, very little behind it.”


Gail Prince, a retired Air Force Colonel and a member of the Shaheen campaign Veterans Coalition, who resides in Bedford, said, “This fight we’ve been drawn into has no simple solutions as Brown suggests. It’s a complex challenge requiring a complex response. New Hampshire’s interests need to be protected by competent and proven leaders such as Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and not by a reactionary who uses emotional tactics for political gains.”


The New Hampshire Democratic Party, meanwhile,called the speech “devoid of serious policy proposals and full of irresponsible, partisan rhetoric.”


The party said, “Scott Brown has not proven himself to be a credible voice on foreign policy in the past. As a Senator for Massachusetts, he claimed to have secret meetings with kings and queens and was duped by fake pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse.”

Author: John DiStaso

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