Sununu & Bradley: Obama economy ‘irresponsible’ and ‘unpatriotic’

Today, New Hampshire Republican Leaders John E. Sununu and Jeb Bradley spoke to reporters about the 2012 presidential election during a conference call hosted by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Former Sen. Sununu and former 1st District Congressman and current Senate Majority leader Bradley both spoke to the stark contrast between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s plans for the economy, both invoking the recent economic turmoil in Greece as a harbinger of the fate that could befall the U.S. if serious fiscal reforms are not enacted.

“[Obama] has had three and a half years to deal with the problem and it gets worse every single day. He thought $4 trillion in new debt was ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘irresponsible.’ He’s gone beyond that in a much shorter amount of time,” said Sen. Sununu, “His budget for 2013 put up another trillion dollar deficit. It’s impossible to claim that he’s serious or capable of dealing with the problem when his 2013 budget…looks like business as usual and we can’t afford that.”

Speaking to Romney’s qualifications, Sununu stated, “Mitt Romney will reduce the size of government. He understands that when government is consuming 25% of the GNP, 25% of our economy, that’s too big and its much larger than the historic norm. Mitt Romney won’t ignore problems. Mitt Romney won’t burden future generations with more debt which has been the operating procedure of Barack Obama…”

Bradley echoed many of Sununu’s points, stating, “I think this is all about leadership. We’ve had four years of campaigning from the Oval Office, it’s time for somebody who has created jobs – that’s Governor Romney – somebody who has actually cut spending in his home state when he was Governor of Massachusetts, to assume the helm of our nation.”

Bradley continued, “The chaos that is happening in Europe will be happening in America if we don’t reform entitlement spending in Washington. When Senator Sununu and I served in Congress, when I left Congress in 2006 our budget situation was manageable about a $150 billion dollar deficit, too high, but certainly not over a trillion dollars per year which is what we’ve seen under President Obama.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Which police actions wars won’t RINO Romney wage/initiate?  How much will he propose that Congress cut from Uncle Sammy’s budget?  How much will he sign on to?  How many agencies will he propose closing?  And where is this in writing with his signature attached?

    Now, what’s the difference between vanilla bean and French vanilla?– C. dog don’t fall for no RINO headfakes