Sullivan’s dishonest smears poison Granite State politics

Kathy Sullivan’s Union Leader column from last week about me was dishonest and sloppy. In writing it, she intended to malign me personally and professionally. She missed wildly on both counts. The editors of the Union Leader subsequently ran a correction that invalidates four whole paragraphs of her column. They also extended to me the opportunity to answer Sullivan’s false charges in an op-ed. That op-ed appears in the print edition of the New Hampshire Union Leader today. I encourage one and all to run out and buy today’s edition.

Here are some excerpts:

“In her column last Tuesday, Kathy Sullivan tortured facts about me in ways that would make Lynndie England and the gang from Abu Ghraib blush.”

“Sullivan claims the Journal’s original reporting on discord within the New Hampshire Republican State Committee ‘cannot be verified.’ Unnamed critics of NH Journal made a similar charge in a separate Politico article appearing on It, too, is false.

“The Union Leader and Foster’s Daily Democrat have subsequently reported on several of NH Journal’s newsbreaks.

For example, NH Journal was first to report that the New Hampshire Republican Party’s federal bank account had been depleted to $1,300 by mid-June. NH Journal was first to report that former U.S. Senate candidate Bill Binnie had called an emergency finance meeting of state Republican leaders.

These stories are true and other news organizations followed NH Journal’s original reporting. What’s more, GOP Chairman Jack Kimball himself is the source of some of the negative information about the party.

He, not NH Journal, told political reporter James Pindell there is an effort to oust him as chairman. Foster’s Daily Democrat, not NH Journal, seemed to endorse such an effort in a July 2 editorial.”


“… As a conservative Republican, I am horrified at the Obama administration’s onslaught of new laws and regulations that pile debt on my children and make America less competitive globally. I want Republicans to win elections across the board — federal, state and local — in 2012.

Ergo, I want the chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee to be the most successful in our great state’s history.”


“That said, I’m not a voting member of the Republican State Committee. I’m not a state legislator. I’m not a delegate to the state GOP convention. I hold no office. I participated in no way in the race for chairman earlier in the year. Yet in Sullivan’s wildest fantasies, I am “the traditional Republican establishment” in part because I served on the board of an organization “that played a major role in promoting John E. Sununu” over Jeanne Shaheen two years prior to me having joined it. This is the distorted thinking that occupies the upper echelons of the Democrat Party. Is it any wonder then that we now have a health care regime that makes health coverage mandatory, worse and more expensive, a stimulus plan that created debt rather than jobs, and a financial crisis that threatens our nation’s credit rating?”


“So after the falsehoods in her column have been corrected and the botched facts have been cleaned up, what are we left with? Little more than Sullivan’s bemused autobiographical meandering and a good deal of bitterness. As this is the stuff Sullivan gives away for free with every television or radio interview she conducts and every blog post she belches out, it seems of no value at all to the readers of the Union Leader.”


The bottom line here is that Kathy Sullivan, who has long been a noxious presence in New Hampshire politics, is a reckless and dishonest broker of information. Her ramblings in the Union Leader and in the blogosphere should be dismissed as lies and possibly worse.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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    Other than the slope-headed dumbocratic party apparatchik, who listens to the natterings of this ninny?
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