Statehouse Issues Survey: Readers back traditional marriage, right-to-work, tax restrictions, gun rights

NH Journal readers who participated in our February State House Issues Survey this week overwhelmingly support a traditional definition of marriage, right-to-work legislation, a supermajority requirement to raise taxes and allowing guns on public property, such as college campuses, according to the final results of the poll.

Seventy-three percent of respondents said they support a legal definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Only 27% say they support same sex marriage.

Meanwhile, 82% said they support right-to-work legislation and 81% said they support a supermajority vote among state legislators to raise taxes.

There was a slight drop off in the percentage of respondents who said they support gun rights on public property. Sixty-percent said would allow it, 40% would not. Since formulation of the survey, the Senate has tabled the bill and it is viewed as unlikely to survive.

All four issues are presently being hotly debated in the New Hampshire legislature.

1,160 NH Journal readers participated in the survey between Monday afternoon and Wednesday night.

View the full results below:

NHJ Feb Issues Survey

Author: Staff Reporter

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