State Senator Andy Sanborn explains Bergeron Endorsement

State Senator Andy Sanborn weighed in this afternoon on the eve of the NHGOP Chairmain election. Senator Sanborn explains in extensive detail why he thinks Juliana Bergeron is the person to lead the NHGOP:

Dear Committee Member:

I hope you will allow me a couple moments of your time, to discuss our upcoming election this weekend. 

First and foremost, I am so proud and excited to see the Republican Party has such a strong field of exciting, professional, committed members who are engaged to participate in our party’s future.  Equally so, I am proud that we have two outstanding members of our party who have thrown their hat into the ring for Chairman.  The personal commitment and sacrifices required to not just go through an election process but also perform the job of Chairman are some of the most demanding and rewarding that exist.

Specifically as it relates to both Jack Kimball and Juliana Bergeron, I’d like to outline why I am supporting Juliana Bergeron for GOP chair

My support for Juliana for GOP Chair is not a negative reflection of Jack.  I consider Jack my friend and am proud to have stood beside him and spoken at our Tea Party events during the past two years and will be equally proud to do to in the future. 

During the past two years, we needed the boisterous leadership of Governor John Sununu.  His ability to bring our party together allowed us to enjoy legendary success which will not be soon forgotten.  As a result, we now have control of almost every elected political position in New Hampshire politics. We now have elected leaders who will assume the role of  being the voices and faces of our conservative message.

What we need today is someone who has the management, organizational and fundraising skills to insure our recent success continues, and I know Juliana is that person.

During the past two election cycles, Juliana has shown time and time again, an outstanding ability to organize and manage the necessary people to help get great republicans elected .  Doing so in a liberal part of the state is even more proof of her abilities.

While as candidate and now (from a direct benefit of her efforts), elected State Senator, I can personally attest to her commitment and accessibility.  Be it a call from me as the candidate or one of my staff, Juliana is always available, prompt and supportive.  Her ability to organize volunteers, motivate groups, manage the election process and support us running in south west New Hampshire, definitiely shows her ability to perform the task state wide.

Some of the most successful leaders are more effective guiding from the back of room quietly  ensuring success, knowing the front of the room is performing amply.  Our success as a party going forward from the GOP office will be more about fundraising and managing our army of supporters to manage future success.

While yesterday we needed the strong hand of “warmth and charm” and pulpit pounding skills of Governor Sununu to bring us together, tomorrow we need vigilant organizational skills to solidify our results.  We need a steady hand to  ensure  that we maximize our  First in the  Nation status. We need a GOP office that equally supports our elected officials from US Senator, to every county commissioner.  We need a GOP Chair that will work tirelessly to  make sure the Republican Party maintains a steady hand in leading our State and Nation in the conservative values we all hold so dear.

Juliana Bergeron is that person and I ask that you support her and vote her to be our next GOP Chair of New Hampshire.

As Always, 

Senator Andy Sanborn 

State Senate District 7

Author: The Editors

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  • June

    If Juliana wins she will surround herself with moderates as she has done in Cheshire County. She will encourage the party platform to be rewritten to exlude traditional family values.

    And she was not on the front line launching Tea Parties in Keene. She not only showed NO tea party leadership, she didn’t even go to the rallies. She never showed up to one until John Stephen came to town just before the election. (And we had several.)