State Sen. Ray White endorses Ron Paul

New Hampshire State Senator Ray White endorsed Texas Congressman and 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul today. White, a Republican, represents District 9 and lives in Bedford.

White praised Paul’s consistent message in a statement released today: “Unlike the other candidates, Ron Paul has been singing the same tune for years—going back to his first term in Congress. He has understood and tried to warn us for decades about the economic crisis we now face, and he is the only candidate who understands the gravity of the situation.

“Without an immediate course correction in federal spending and federal debt, we will reach a point of no return. But with serious economic policies targeting our ballooning budget and fiscal irresponsibility, we still have an opportunity to turn this looming meltdown into an actual recovery.

“Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America is that opportunity. No one else has put forward a plan to dig this nation out of debt and out of trouble in only three years, and only Ron Paul will do it without ransacking the security of seniors, veterans, and the people who have, unfortunately, come to depend on government programs in these tough times.

“The core of an American recovery must be fiscal responsibility from Day 1 of the new administration. And we can trust Ron Paul to deliver.”

White, who is known for his strong conservative credentials, joins fellow State Sen. Andy Sanborn and State Sen. Jim Forsythe among Paul’s most prominent Granite State supporters. Sen. Forsythe is the New Hampshire campaign chairman. Paul has steadily held low double-digit support in New Hampshire polls.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • C. dog e. doG

    At least some republicans aren’t feeding the RINO’s at the “public” trough.  A flicker of hope remains in the nominal “live free or die” state.
    – C. dog keeps the LED on

  • Anonymous

    Latest Rasmussen poll shows Romney 33%, Gingrich 22%, Paul 18%, Huntsman 10% in New Hampshire. Better than “low double-digit”, within margin-of-error with Gingrich.