State Sen. Prescott backs ‘conservative thinker’ Brown for US Senate

CONCORD — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown Thursday was endorsed by state Sen. Russell Prescott, R-Kingston, who called Brown “a strong conservative thinker.”


Prescott is the fourth state Senator to back Brown, joining Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley of Wolfeboro and Sens. Nancy Stiles of Hampton and Bob Odell of Lempster.


Prescott endorsed Brown at his home in Kingston where he was holding a “Classic Car Fund-raiser.”


Prescott chairs the Senate Rules Committee and Energy and Natural Resources Committee and represents District 23.


“Scott Brown is a strong conservative thinker who will fight to lower taxes, reduce energy prices and repeal the broken promises in Obamacare. He’s the only candidate in this race that can ensure Jeanne Shaheen is a one-term senator,” said Prescott.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • HammerNH

    Brown has alienated the NH GOP base so much that there is NO WAY he will ever beat Jeanne-Jeanne the Marxist Shaheen.
    Too many non-RINO Republicans are just REFUSING to ever vote for him.
    He is not even campaigning to the GOP.
    Brown behaves as if he already won the primary, thanks in part to support from other RINOs.
    As Brown SHOULD have learned in the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts, when you give the voters a choice of a Democrat and a democrat (voting with the Marxists 62% of the time his last year in the US Senate), they will take the Democrat every time (even a fake Indian like Elizabeth Warren).

    • joebuilder

      You should support who you really want in the primary; then you should vote for the candidate who best represents your positions and values in the general. The juvenile I’m mad and I’m taking my football home attitude is just,…well juvenile and means that you aren’t following through with your citizen obligations.

      So because you don’t get what you want you’ll vote for someone you disagree with more?? That’s just not logical.