State looks to defund Planned Parenthood as videos raise controversy

Republican leaders in the New Hampshire House of Representatives had always intended to defund Planned Parenthood this legislative session. But this week’s public hearing on HB 228 has taken on a dramatic aura after a series of undercover videos shows employees at the nation’s largest abortion provider in other states offering advice to pimps trafficking minors for sex. The alleged pimps were actually undercover anti-abortion activists.

The hearing, scheduled for 1:30 PM on Tuesday, will be the first opportunity anywhere in the country for the public to speak out in reaction to the videos.

HB 228 would “prohibit the department of Health and Human Services from entering into a contract with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. or any organization that provides abortion services and prohibiting the use of public funds or insurance for abortion services.”

Conservatives like Kevin Smith, the head of Cornerstone Policy Research are fired up.

“As if Planned Parenthood being the world’s largest provider of abortions wasn’t reason enough to cut off all taxpayer funding, certainly these new allegations of them being complicit in the sex trafficking of minors should cause ever legislator to ask themselves if the state really should be doing business with such a rouge organization,” Smith told NH Journal. “Planned Parenthood’s seedy backroom business practices trump those even of ACORN. In no way should taxpayers be subsidizing their operations.”

One of the videos is posted below:

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Nancy

    Do you all know that this is another lie? The FBI was informed early on by Planned Parenthood about this. And you dare bring up ACORN when you all certainly know that that was a big HOAX. You all are drinking some pretty tainted Koolaid. Get your facts straight and stop the lies!