State House Issues Survey: Readers oppose casinos and cancer hospital exemption, support medical marijuana and voter ID

NH Journal readers who participated in our March State House Issues Survey this week indicated moderate opposition, 54-46, to the casino legislation that was killed in the NH House on Wednesday. Most of the comments in opposition referenced the social ills that can come with casinos but also point to disbelief that the revenue will go to tax relief, and professed that the state should work to control spending rather than add more revenue. Comments in support of casinos point to increased tourism, the need more state revenue and increased jobs.

56 percent of respondents oppose legislation that creates a special exemption to establish a cancer hospital in the state, with readers’ comments suggesting that the state should treat all entities equally. The House recently passed the bill creating an exemption for a cancer hospital; the legislation now heads to a vote in the Senate.

Meanwhile, 55 percent said they would support the legalization of medical marijuana. The Senate narrowly passed a medical marijuana bill on Wednesday, which now heads to for a vote in the House.

An overwhelming 85 percent of respondents support Voter ID legislation that has passed the Senate and is due for hearings in the House. Prompted by an undercover expose of polling places allowing purported voters to obtain ballots using the names of deceased NH citizens, the legislation would require voters to present one of 30+ forms of ID to vote.

The final question results are sure to make just under 500 Granite Staters very happy. A solid 61 percent of respondents approve of the job the New Hampshire Legislature is doing this year, good news for legislators given that it is an election year.

1,100 NH Journal readers participated in the survey conducted between Monday and Wednesday night.

View the full results below”

NHJ March State House Survey

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Gee, for those who profess more than a nominal adherence to the State motto, the questions answered themselves.  Wunder who’s who, here.
    – C. dog