State GOP responds to Manuse controversy


GOP spokeswoman Christine Baratta issued the following statement Wednesday regarding Rep. Andrew Manuse’s threat to revoke the Catholic Church’s tax exempt status:

“Many of our State Representatives seem to have lost sight of the bigger picture and what Republicans were elected to do. We have a fiscal crisis in this state and last week the House served the taxpayers well and passed a responsible budget. The Democrats addiction to spending caused this budget outrage and now instead of taking responsibility for their behavior, they have created a climate of fear to falsely scare people and to distract voters from the enormous budget deficit brought on by the failed leadership of John Lynch and the Democrats.”

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Anonymous

    Title should have been “tea party chair sells out to establishment hacks”.

    • manuse_is_a_punk


      You’re a right little bigot, aren’t you honey ? I particularly liked your other comment in which you personally get to decide on which churches are taxed depending on your particular opinion of them.
      If the Tea Party fails, it will be because of nitwit dumbasses like you.

  • Dawlcon

    As a Catholic and a member of the Reblician Party since 1969, I am rather disenchanted with the recent actions of some members of my former political party in their Catholic bashing rodeo, therefore, as soon as possible, I look forward to registering as an Independant, In my opinion, the above referenced party does not warrant my time, my effort or my fininacal support. Happy Trails gentlemen,sic, and have a nice day.

  • Jtpearson

    I am sure the Archbishop never read the budget and never totaled up how much NH spends on the needy, such as Medicaid, etc. He just trotted out the same stupid remarks that anything that reduces spending hurts the poor. His remarks are pathetic. Perhaps he ought to practice a little scholarship before he speaks. Does he think he can just hide forever behind the veil of compassion and never confront real issues like the state has overspent, the feds have overspent, etc. The brave are the ones who take action to reduce the spending and make the state solvent.

  • Nh Usmarine

    Politics gone wrong
    Senator Carson accuses a person of threaten remarks causing taxpayers great expense and harming a voters character. The newspaper runs with the story because the word of a State Senator or any politician over the average citizen is above reproach. The newspaper today runs the truth and documents how the State senator was lying. Nothing will happen to this State Senator because she has influence. If it were you or I we would incur great expense as the police and prosecutor’s make an example of us. The inaction of State Senators like Amanda Merrill to not help constituents is just as destructive as lying to control the lives of people with little money to fight to prove they are innocent. People say that they want change but the inaccurate word to harm those willing to stand up for change by people with influence the newspapers print without care of the harm it will cause to those innocent US Citizens. I ran for state senate but the character assignation by the newspapers, police, prosecutor’s and governor Lynch took its toll. I am a 100% combat related service connected disabled US Marine that NH put in jail as a terrorist to stop my opinion letters of government wrongs. The newspapers refuse to print my letters even when they document my platform for State Senate.
    The NH Supreme Court violated the Constitution to cover up judge Peter Fauver’s criminal wrongs to intentionally harm natural born US citizens. Fauver miss used the law to help the Madbury NH Selectmen choose who they thought was good enough to live and work in Madbury and who was not. The VA and NH government stops my VA medical for combat related disabilities to stop my writing of these government wrongs. The newspapers and government makes the public believe the danger that I am to stop public opinion benefiting me.
    My response will never get printed in the newspapers for I came back to a nation that does not want us for what it takes to survive to protect and defend our Constitution from foreign enemies. I am a US Marine telling the people of the State of New Hampshire and the United States of America about Politics Gone Wrong.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217