Speaker Boehner to return to NH to help Guinta raise campaign cash

MANCHESTER — U.S. House Speaker John Boehner will return to New Hampshire on Sept. 24 to headline a fundraiser for former Rep. Frank Guinta.


Guinta is running against current Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter in an effort to win back the seat he lost to her in 2012.


As the New Hampshire Journal first reported on Twitter, Boehner, of Ohio, will be the featured guest at $250-and-up reception for Guinta at The Radisson hotel in downtown Manchester.


Boehner was last in the state in October 2012, when he visited the presidential campaign field office for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Derry. There, he was introduced by Guinta.


But two weeks ago, Guinta did not say whether he would support Boehner for speaker next year if the GOP retains control of the House.


In a televised debate, Guinta said, “I think a lot of people in this country are looking for new leadership and you may see that opportunity come post-November. We’ll see who the candidates are and who the best qualified is but there very well may be a candidate that will replace John.”


Shea-Porter’s campaign immediately commented on the Journal’s report of the Boehner appearance, saying Guinta is “embracing” Boehner’s “special interest cash.”


“Frank Guinta barely survived a bruising primary, and now do-nothing Speaker Boehner is calling in the Big Oil and Wall Street special interests to prop up his ailing campaign,” said Shea-Porter campaign spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly. “Guinta dissed Boehner on live TV just two weeks ago, so Frank’s sudden decision to embrace Boehner’s campaign cash confirms once again that Guinta’s loyalty always comes with a price tag.


“While Frank Guinta has consistently voted to help his Big Oil and Wall Street donors instead of New Hampshire’s middle class families, Carol has never taken a dime of corporate PAC or DC lobbyist money, because she knows that big business interests and lobbyists already have too much influence over what happens in Washington,” Connolly said.


Guinta campaign manager Jay Ruais responded, “Credit California Carol for fitting in so many Washington talking points in so few sentences. The congresswoman just returned from a tour of wine country with Speaker Pelosi while Mr. Guinta marched in the Londonderry Old Home Day Parade. Whether it be the 29 town halls, six job fairs, three manufacturing summits or countless other open forums he held, Mr. Guinta places his focus on the needs of Granite Staters. He will continue providing solutions to the concerns of New Hampshire’s middle class, namely jobs, the economy and an effective, affordable, health care system.”


Also Tuesday, Ruais accused Shea-Porter of a lack of accountability to her constituents.


“By every objective measure the Congresswoman is failing Granite Staters. Though the nation and world face immense problems, Shea-Porter spent the August recess flying to a vineyard in California to try and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for her reelection effort. She refused to hold a single open forum or town hall during her time in New Hampshire.


“While in Washington she has failed to address the growing crises in the Middle-East, the borders remain unsealed, the economy is stagnant, Obamacare premiums are set to spike while she voted against a bill to let you keep your health care plan if you like it. She has proven herself to be inaccessible, ineffective and indifferent to New Hampshire. She gave herself a C+ grade, but she is failing New Hampshire,” Ruais said.

Author: John DiStaso

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