Sources: Sullivan’s sexist Twitter rant not first case of aggression toward Garcia

NH State Representative Peter Sullivan (D-Hillsborough) recently came under fire after a NH Journal report revealed a series of derogatory Tweets directed at fellow Representative Marilinda Garcia (R-Rockingham), who recently announced her candidacy for New Hampshire’s second congressional district.

Among other derisive remarks, Sullivan’s tweets compared Garcia to reality television personality Kim Kardashian and referred to her as a “lightweight” in “stiletto heels.” Sullivan refused to apologize to Garcia and subsequently made his Twitter account private.

According to multiple sources familiar with the NH State House, Sullivan’s tweets fit a pattern of outbursts and inappropriate behavior directed toward his colleagues – particularly those of the opposing party.

NH Journal has obtained a copy of a letter that then-House Speaker Bill O’Brien sent to Sullivan in April 2012 privately reprimanding him for physically pushing aside several of his colleagues in a hasty attempt to get to the front of the House chamber. From the letter:

I am writing about significant concerns brought to my attention through several complaints arising from our legislative session on Wednesday, March 28. On that day, in an effort to come to the front of Representatives Hall to register a protest with the House Clerk in a hastened manner, you brusquely exited your aisle, barging into fellow members rudely and, in one case, knocking another representative, who was attempting to get up to let you by, back into her seat. This type of behavior is unacceptable on the House floor.

Sources familiar with the incident tell NH Journal that the Representative who was knocked back into her seat while trying to make way for Sullivan was Marilinda Garcia.

O’Brien went on to admonish Sullivan to “show your colleagues the respect and dignity to which they, and you, are entitled on the House floor, regardless of party affiliation, ideology or beliefs,” mentioning that this was Sullivan’s second reported incident of “inappropriate behavior” on the House floor. He also called on Sullivan to apologize to the House members he collided with, which would have included Garcia. NH Journal sources cannot confirm whether Sullivan ever made such an apology.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Cromulent

    Pete Sullivan: just another solder in the Dems’ War on Women.

  • spin43

    He is the face of a democrat. What a loser. Does he live in his mother’s basement?