Sources: State GOP in disarray

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee is in disarray and Chairman Jack Kimball is reeling under the strain of a job he thought would be a piece of cake, multiple Republican sources tell NH Journal.

As the Journal first reported last week, Kimball has drained state party finances to such an extent that it has a mere $1,300 left in its federal account, the account from which is pays most of its expenses. And on Monday, WMUR’s James Pindell reported that Kimball is now aware of a “coup attempt” within the party to dethrone him.

The Journal can confirm a plot is indeed in place to oust Kimball. For weeks the Journal has investigated a swirling series of rumors about a plan to depose Kimball. Paradoxically, those looking to dump Kimball are actually hoping the GOP will lose a pair of upcoming special elections. The thinking is that the GOP needs to hit rock bottom before the ouster – or “coup” as Kimball terms it – can be successful.

Multiple Republican sources also tell the Journal that Kimball is now visibly regretful that he ever took the job to State Party Chairman. He frequently castigates his friends and tea party allies for pushing him to seek the position and grumbles that few are helping him.

The Journal can also report that the state party’s financial situation under Kimball has become so dire that the party has asked the Strafford County GOP for a loan of $1,000 so it can host a fundraising event with presidential candidate Herman Cain. As of press time it was unclear whether the loan will occur.

Some Republican sources have defended Kimball, however. The problem, these sources say, lies in his selection of Will Wrobleski as executive director of the party. One source claims that Wrobleski frequently rejects innovative fundraising ideas in favor of costly events with the presidential candidates, which have failed to meet revenue expectations to date.

[Correction: Dover City GOP Chair Chris Buck writes: “I brought forward the motion at the Strafford County GOP meeting, and it was originally my suggestion in a private conversation with Jack [Kimball]. I was trying to be helpful.”]

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Chris Buck

    This story is inaccurate on a number of points. First of all, as the person who brought forward the motion to contribute $1,000 toward the NHGOP at the Strafford County Republican Committee meeting, I can tell you that Jack Kimball did not “ask” the SCRC for anything, and certainly not out of a need for money. As a member of the SCRC, and Chairman of the Dover Republican Committee, I made the suggestion that we would offer to pay the deposit on the event, and would help the NHGOP organize the event and sell tickets. The New Hampshire Journal never contacted myself or Chairman Kimball to get the details surrounding the motion, and the only thing that can be described as “dire” is their credibility.

    Secondly, the NH Journal omits the fact that the SCRC voted in favor of making the down payment on the function hall and caterer. They did not have to do this, but it made sense enough to the voting members at that meeting (about 20 or so). If they really thought the NHGOP was bankrupt or in a dire financial position, or that Jack Kimball would soon be ousted – all ridiculous – then I’d bet they probably would not have approved the payment.

    If the NH Journal has an editor, I would suggest reviewing stories before they go to print. It is also a good practice among more highly regarded news outlets to attempt to interview the people involved and get the facts.

    • Anonymous

      They come from the DiStaso school of reporting: Claim that this or that is happening and that he or she ‘said’ something when you’ve never even talked with them.

      These are not journalists they are gossip websites.

      OH and it’s especially dubious if PINDELL is involved… he’s the king of unfounded gossip in NH.

  • Anonymous

    Name your sources or SHUT THE HELL UP. You are nothing more than a gossip site.

    I remember when you supported that nutjob for a senator who then went ahead and asked them to take Obamacare money AS PREDICTED. Shame on you RINOs.

  • Fred Leonard

    what’s bad about this type of public announcement is the damage this does to the organization…it would be like the CEO of GM or GE telling the world that people in his organization have no faith in him…it would have a big impact on sales and investment…utterly stupid thing for Jack to do…

  • rginnh

    So why not talk about the dozen or so Democrat employees in NH that are funded from “Out of State”. I think that is the REAL STORY. Do you want outside interests deciding what NH Democrats do. I believe that the financial mess in NH was created when the Democrats ran  the state and listened to out of state people. Hey Democrats the novel concept for you is to listen to NH people instead of the Progressive/Liberals from elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine getting your information from the despicable ANDY MARTIN the most discredited republican in recent memory?