Sources: Kimball to stage comeback attempt as party chairman

After having served a failed half-term as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee – a term that ended in his last-second resignation just before being ousted – Jack Kimball may attempt to engineer a comeback and challenge Jennifer Horn for the post, sources tell NH Journal.

According to sources, Kimball will host a private strategy meeting on Friday to discuss the race for chairman and seek an opponent to Horn, who is backed by most party big-wigs. According to one source, if no other candidate emerges from the meeting, Kimball has said he would go for it.

Some of those invited to the meeting include Kimball, Skip Murphy, Diane Bitter, Joe Barton and Gerry and Sue DeLemus.

Kimball ran a successful anti-establishment campaign for chairman after the GOP’s only successful campaign cycle in sixteen years in 2010. He defeated the John H. Sununu-backed candidate Juliana Bergeron. Sununu left the party flush with cash and energized after a sweeping victory.  Kimball quickly drained the party funds nearly to the point on insolvency, depleted the party’s activist spirit and generated almost constant infighting. His chairmanship, which ended in his dramatic resignation, is remembered as one of the least successful in history.

On Thursday, Kimball distributed an incendiary e-mail that excoriated Republican Party leadership and tortured the English language worse than the detainees at Abu Ghraib:

Hi Patriots,

Well, just when you think things couldn’t get worse for the GOP, they just did.  A great candidate for State GOP Chair (Cliff Hurst) was FORCED to drop out of the race to clear the way for the Five Families choice of Jennifer Horn.  The NH GOP is now being run like a satellite of the Russian Federation.  Hell, why bother having a Convention at all?  Cliff Hurst is one of the most honorable men that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His loyalty to the GOP is historic and unquestionable.  He is respected by virtually everyone in the Party, with very few exceptions.  His ability to organize and fundraise are second to none.  People trust him and were ready to rally to him as NH GOP Chair. He was the Party’s best hope for its unification. Now this!  All fair minded, Liberty loving Republicans MUST reject what is happening here.  The only people who should be choosing our next NH GOP Chair are the 500 eligible voters on the State Committee.  They should have the opportunity to evaluate all candidates in a free and fair election and then vote for whomever they think would be best for our Party and our State and once that decision is made, we all unite behind the winner and get back in the fight. Instead, the deck is now stacked.  Want to know why our Country is in the mess it’s in?  It’s partially because of things like this.  Personally, I hope that our Party has had enough!  It’s time to draw the line.  Remember, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do NOTHING!  How many of you have the courage of your convictions?  How many of you will step up and push back against this type of tyranny?  Who among you care enough to put an end to this?  What are you afraid of?  Enough is enough!

Feel free to send this to your list.


Jack Kimball

It should be noted that Horn ran Kimball’s transition team after he won the race for Chairman in 2011.

UPDATE: Skip Murphy tells NH Journal he was not invited to the meeting.

UPDATE: Joe Barton tells NH Journal he was not invited to the meeting.

UPDATE: Surprise! Diane Bitter tells NH Journal she was not invited to the meeting.


Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • C. dog e. doG

    HAAARUMPH! This is just the sort of errant pedantry up with which I will not put!
    – C. dog Churchill

    • Joe Barton

      Said well C-dog said well.

  • Anonymous

    GEE, Shawn – nice of you to let me know that I was invited to this meeting! I wouldn’t have known otherwise! I see that you have other “details” fairly amiss as well, but that seems par for the course.

    Once again, absolutely STERLING journalistic standards at work.

    – Skip Murphy

  • Anonymous

    Hey Millerick! Here’s update #2 for you: Jack Kimball wasn’t invited either. Ask Hynsie if he still wants that waveform popping up on Google?

    • Joe Barton

      Could it be that the Meetings SO secret that we don’t even know about them?

  • Bill Wynne

    Malarkey, how can you wake up in the morning knowing you will write lies to the extreme. I have not been able to confirm with anyone that Jack Kimball set a meeting. I know Jack and he knows me and he is an outstanding individual fighting for the conservative cause at all times. What the hell is wrong with you? You have no credibility and your article is total nonsense from beginning to end. McDonalds is always hiring and you would be a good fit. Go there and do a real job.
    Bill Wynne, Publisher

  • Joe Barton

    I don’t know where you get your information, but I don’t know anything about this supposed meeting; and certainly wasn’t in attendance. Please retract my name from this garbage article. Thanks

  • Joe Barton

    According to my sources; Millerick claims to be a Journalist *snicker* no really that’s what I heard.

  • Silas Dogood

    Kimball or Cliff Hurst…are you kidding. You’ll need a new elephant photo, one
    stripped to the bones.

    JackKimball had his shot and left no doubt that he was way over his head and was so politically inexperienced he nearly ran the NHGOP into bankruptcy – they were insolvent.

    BTW, Kimball is not eligible to be a member of the GOP because of the “Murski Amendment” he openly supported the Libertarian Party by signing their ballot access petition…Yes, that is not forgotten and it still counts!

    Cliff Hurst is just a bumbling fool who most people barley tolerate. As for his fundraising prowess that’s a joke, his secret was he called every regular donor to the party a week before the GOP officially announced the fundraiser and asked if they were going to buy a ticket/table again. Any idiot could do that – and in this case did.

    I guess he did so well at raising money for Liberty Harbor he’s back to selling used cars again to make a living. Not to mention he will say anything (true or untrue) to make himself look good to whatever group he is speaking to at the time. One minute he is supporting the Tea Party and Kimball and the next in a different group he says “Kimball has to go” and “the Tea Party is killing the
    NHGOP.” You don’t have to believe me, ask anyone privately or off the

    • Mike Rogers

      If any fool could have called all those who bought tables at last Spring’s Victory dinner, why didn’t “any fool” do so? The thing is that Cliff did make the calls, and closed a lot of the deals – if it were so easy, they would have the same high attendance every year, and they do not.
      As for “any fool”, since that date, fundraising has dropped off, because Jim Foley took over from Bill Binnie as finance chair, and he doesn’t like fundraisers – even discourages them. Go figure.
      About Liberty Harbor – that was a volunteer, unpaid, position, just as executive positions with the NHGOP are unpaid. The reason Cliff Hurst is selling cars (and quite successfully, too), is because he was losing money doing his job as vice chair, and half of Wayne MacDonalds job, representing the NHGOP at events around the state. The NHGOP does not even pay expenses.

      • Silas Dogood


        You don’t have a clue, Cliff did not “close”any deals and did not sell a single ticket to anyone who had not bought tickets to the two previous events…take head out of his butt before you make such ignorant claims.

        As far as doing McDonalds job, Cliff didn’t do one dam thing at the Victory Offices or at the state committee offices except attend functions (without paying) and then only to blow his own horn. Everyone is laughing behind his back…and I guess now at yours too.

        BTW, there are only two reasons you sell used cars in your 70’s, one you own the dealership or two…I guess everyone knows number two…

        • Mike Rogers

          Name yourself, sir, and let’s debate this without your cloak of anonymity.

  • Sally

    Your report was total missinformation. Jack would never go back to that nest of vipers in Concord…. You are making up stories just like you did when when he as the GOp Chair.

  • Do Better

    Dogood can’t be your real name especially when you attack honest people who truly care about our country and want to maintain our freedom. Millerick you simply write what you are fed and it is frequently false. BTW- Sununu informed all that the NHGOP was in debt due to legal fees prior to Kimball’s winning the chairmanship. Kimball in fact had the second highest two concurrent quarters of fund raising as compared to the previous eight years. This was a non-presidential election year which makes his efforts even more remarkable. Funds were not drained, the party was becoming more energized in a positive way to support their GOP candidates and the only fighting was within the “establishment” as they were losing full control. The picture of the dead elephant is well chosen: if the NHGOP keeps using these tactics the party will continue to fail in all endeavors. The GOP was successful in 2010 because of the support from us “anti-establishment” folks.

  • Sally

    BTW. Sununu did not leave the NHGOP in the black as he claimed. If you after the truth you would know this.

    • Guest

      Yeah he did. I heard the treasurers report at the convention 2 years ago.

    • Joe Barton

      It was in the red according to that report.

  • Mike Rogers

    Jack Kimball was slandered in 2011, and you are slandering him now.

    The party apparatus did everything it could to dry up funds and make his life difficult. A couple of days ago, I wrote an angry piece about the establishment’s takedown of Cliff Hurst, one of the most honorable men you will ever meet. The methods, and the people, involved were remarkably similar. In this case, the party threatened Cliff with a repeat of what they did to Jack – no funds and no help from the party insiders.

    If Jennifer Horn thinks she’s the right answer, let her sell herself to the party faithful, and if she wins fairly, then I’ll be happy to support her. But, NO, the party elite struck to clear the decks and ensure that, when Jennifer announced, she would be unopposed, thus simultaneously angering the base and tainting Jennifer.
    Masterful move, party elite. We’re watching you, and we don’t like “unopposed”.

    There’s a story here if you’re a journalist, but, no, you have to make up a story about Jack Kimball running again, just so that you can re-slander him. See, problem is that I know most of the people you named, and spoke to several of them in the last 24 hours – when you write fiction, you should label it as such, or we’ll do it for you, and when you write poison-pen fiction, you’d better be ready to be called out for your dishonesty.

    My sources are close to the horse’s mouth, whereas your crystal ball seems to be on the fritz.

    • Arthur Dent

      MIke, you clearly don’t know Cliff if you call him an honorable man. I know many people who would tell you stories about how many times he has been caught lying to make himself look better or more important.

      As for Jack, his term as party chairman was the text book case of the Peter Principle, it was not his fault he just didn’t have the skills or experience.

      And as to drying-up the “establishment donations” that was simple, you can’t be stupid enough to think people were going to give the money to the likes of Jack who then turns around and calls them RINO’s – DUH!

      • Mike Rogers

        I ‘know’ Arthur Dent, and you’re no Arthur Dent.

        I also know Cliff Hurst, and I beg to differ. A lot of people across the state would beg to differ, too.
        Cliff has very many friends and supporters, and the establishment hacks’ efforts to push him aside without a fair election has offended a great number of people, and energized opposition to their chosen candidate, when Jennifer could have attracted a decent number of delegates on her own.

      • Mike Rogers

        Oh, and I’m in the open – everybody knows who I am, and I take the arrows for my comments. Who is ‘Arthur Dent’ and can he count to ’42’?

  • Mike Rogers

    Oh, and Millerick, It helps not to make up colorful metaphors which can be used against you: “In a column where the truth was more tortured than the guests at Abu Ghraib, Shawn Millerick invented a story about Jack Kimball as an excuse for slandering him.”

    • Joe Barton

      He was inspired by Ayotte’s underlings.

  • Joe Barton

    UPDATE: Diane Bitter has no idea what this article is on about either.
    UPDATE: Jerry and Sue Delemus are equally unaware of any such meeting
    UPDATE: Jack Kimball was not invited to his own meeting and claims no knowledge.

    UPDATE: That pretty much makes the whole story a fabricated POS.

  • Joe Barton

    This article should be completely retracted.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Update: Jack Kimball releases scathing e-mail to self admonishing same for not inviting him to his meeting.
    – C. dog can’t make this stuff up; it’s too funny

  • Anonymous


  • Joe Barton

    Wheres the update of DIane Bitter?

  • Jr Hoell

    The source for this “article” should be exposed for the lying dishonest cheat that he/she is. This is despicable and completely untrue…..

  • Jr Hoell

    The party finally has an opportunity to repair the broken brand identity and this type of article is released…
    I hope that the state committee members do not fall for such lies

  • NH resident

    As a former lifelong Republican, I switch to independent and did not vote for Romney nor campaigned for him, or contributed in any way. We met Kimball and really liked his ideas and energy, then the Sununu debacle getting rid of Kimball and disenfranchising so many young people and 30-40yr olds put the nail in the coffin for us in the real world, you know…the ones who do the work on the ground and turn out the voters and knock on doors etc. The old party doesn’t excite the next generation and is responsible for the state turning blue. They seem terrified at new ideas, fresh perspectives, tea party anything. Congrats Sununu and the entrenched establishment, have fun in your private club while we take a closer look at helping conservative Democrat’s get elected. Your irrelevancy is quickly killing what remains.