Smith rips Brown, ‘establishment’ while ‘pleading’ for donations

By JOHN DiSTASO, News Editor


CONCORD — Former Sen. Bob Smith’s campaign dropped hard-hitting fund-raising mailers this week charging that GOP Senate primary opponent Scott Brown “betrayed us” and is “nothing less than a liberal pretending to be a Republican.”


Smith writes in the letter that he is “pleading in the most forceful way I know” for donations to his campaign.


Smith campaign spokesman Peter Schweitzer said it was not Smith’s first mailer, but he would not say how many have preceded it. He also would not say who received the new mailers, citing campaign strategy.


Schweitzer said the language of the mailer was not negative against Brown.


“It talks about the issues,” he said. “We were frank and open but it wasn’t a personal attack. It says, ‘This is where Mr. Brown stands.’”


The mailer charges that Brown “shed his principles” when he went to Washington after winning a special election in 2010 in Massachusetts.


“He even voted 62 percent with the Democrats!” the mailer says. “That’s not conservative. And it’s not even ‘bipartisan.’ That’s just siding with the Democrats!”


Smith wrote that Brown “moved to my home state of New Hampshire and decided to see if he could fool the people here into electing him.” He writes that he was elected five times in the state (three times to the U.S. House and twice as a U.S. Senator) and “I don’t’ believe voters will be fooled.”


Smith, after losing the 2002 GOP Senate primary to John E. Sununu, relocated to Florida but kept his long-time home in Tuftonboro. He returned full time to the state before launching his current campaign.


Smith goes on to write that “Liberal Establishment Republicans do not want a conservative like me back in the U.S. Senate…Yes, I ruffled feathers. But it was because I was pulling Republicans to be more conservative.”


He points out that as a senator he was a leader against partial birth abortions, has a “100 percent pro-gun record,” never voted for a tax increase and opposed “activist judges like Ruth Bader Ginsberg.”


He charged that Brown “supports higher taxes, voted for more spending, is pro-abortion and is anti-Second Amendment.”


He contends the “Establishment” is backing Brown as “their best chance to defeat and humiliate conservatives.”


And Smith, who fared nearly as well as Brown against Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in a recent poll , says, “Scott Brown and the Establishment understand the direct threat my campaign poses and that’s why they’re spending every waking hour figuring out how to defeat me.


“Please,” he writes, “I’m pleading in the most forceful way I know that you respond to this letter within the next 72 hours” with donations.


The Brown campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Smith mailer.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • waterbuffalo

    Smith’s right, he’s neck and neck with Brown and, as far as I know, hasn’t spent a dime on TV or radio advertising.