Slippery Cilley not honest about income tax

Failed State Senator Jackie Cilley announces her candidacy for Governor today and the whole state is wondering: Does she oppose or support an income tax? Well, the 13% who’ve ever heard of her are wondering, anyway.

Listening to Cilley explain her position on the income tax only makes matters more confusing. Check out her tortured explanation below from her 2010 re-election campaign, which ended badly for her (she was drummed out of office.)

In the below clip, Cilley blathers on about how she will “respect the wishes of this [State Senate] district.” That doesn’t help us; she’s running for governor now.

How about a plain yes or no on the income tax question today, Ms. Cilley. Certainly someone who presumes to be our next governor owes the people such a simple response on such a fundamental question. What’s more, if you do not support an income tax, what new taxes do you support to finance all the new spending you are proposing to institute should you win the Democrat nomination and the General Election?

Expecting to win the trust of voters without forthright answers to these questions, well … it’s just plain Cilley.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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