Shooter’s politics were ‘middle of the road’

We are at a very strange place in American political discourse. When a tragedy occurs, or a horrible crime, noise machines reflexively try to bend facts to score zingers against people they disagree with politically. The disgusting shooting in Aurora, CO is no exception. ABC News got the ball rolling when investigative reporter Brian Ross suggested that there was a “James Holmes” from Aurora, CO who had once attended a Tea Party rally. Different James Holmes, of course, but if Ross had nailed it you can rest assured there would have been a frenzy of chin stroking about what should be done with this dastardly Tea Party and its homocidal inclinations. We’ve already been there once.

It turns out that the James Holmes who is alleged to have killed a dozen and injured over fifty in the shooting rampage may be neither a leftwing kook or a rightwing nut. TMZ has discovered the young man’s profile and he described his political views as “middle of the road.”

This should put an end to the aggressive groping for a political angle to this story. Or it might shine a white hot light on moderates. Who knows these days.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Maybe the elastic waistband of the moderate middle just snapped.
    – C. dog, investigative canine

  • None

    yeah…the first thing you learn when you’re internet dating is that you stay away from politics or you cut your chances of a date in half…mine said “middle of the road” and so did my wife’s.  Good thing we didn’t meet on

    so let’s see here….

    unemployed – check
    grad student – check
    living off government grants – check
    member of Occupy movement – check
    membership on website promising easy casual sex – check
    unhealthy obsession with video games and comic boobs into adulthood – check

    you know what they say, if walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    • None

      oops – typo…that was supposed to be “books”

      I didn’t make that mistake.  Someone else made that happen.