Shock video: Kuster gone wild! Attacks camera man, steals camera

In a shocking video obtained by NH Journal, Democrat Congressional candidate Ann McLane Kuster (NH-02) is seen attacking an amateur cameraman (Update: the New Hampshire Union Leader has identified the cameraman as a Charlie Bass campaign staffer), stealing his camera, blaming it all on her opponent Rep. Charlie Bass and cursing “F him” as she walks away. The video is shot in a wide open public location, not a private event.

“I’ll call Charlie [Bass],” Kuster says in the video. “And I will tell him when he can have his camera back.”

Kuster also claims in the video that the camera man is “harrassing” her, but campaign trackers, bloggers, regular voters and even reporters frequently use handheld cameras to record politicians.

Somewhat contrary to the jarring images in the below video, Kuster claims on her website that she “has spent her life bringing people together to strengthen New Hampshire.”

“I have spent my life bringing people together to get things done – regardless of political party,” she says in a press release available on her site.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    LOL! Usually when you read that someone said F him, they didn’t actually say ‘F him’. She’s just crazy enough to win and be a shining example of the dem party.

  • Charlie

    Ha ha! I don’t think she could get elected dog catcher in this town.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Liberalism is a dangerous Mental Disorder. I’m not joking either, I’m seriously scared for America’s future and the left is directly responsible.

    • Urania Jarquín Mitchell

      It’s ok. Obamacare is expanding benefits.

    • UnderDog

      That is the definition of a bagger, always seeing the bogey man.

      • Anonymous

        TOOL alert…….must of just woke up or got back from the welfare office

      • sharinite

        Yeah…just wait until that bogey man drags from your home…heh!

    • Mike Rogers

      Anybody who can vote for a political system that killed more than 100M people in the 20th century has to be deranged. Gotta fix our education system before it’s too late.

      • Anonymous

        Google: “school sucks project” for the why.

        • Mike Rogers

          Check out for some of the horrifying details of the dumbing down of our schools.
          Mike Rogers
          eMail by iPad :-)
          Errors by Mike :-/

  • ThomasD

    What’s the legal definition of strongarm robbery in NH?

    • UnderDog

      Probably not when a woman punks Bass’s little buddy.

      • sharinite

        that’s what’s wrong with progs…violence is fine and the more the better! truly shameful conduct and prog comments.

  • Seattle

    Democrats are such scum. I just want to break the noses of every one of them

  • Jum

    Does New Hampsheah have no more pine tees from which to make rails and pitch, and no chickens left for the feathers?

  • Liberty Jane

    Press charges.

  • Mike Lee

    Paranoid much?

  • Hamline Forkner

    That is a terminally ugly woman. She should be shrouded in a basement somewhere not running for office. Shocking.

  • Rich Vail

    Press charges. Tar and feathers are too good for these people.

    • Anonymous

      Tar and feathers sounds like a nice start though.

      • Rich Vail

        Honestly, if it was me, I’d be pressing assault charges on the asshat…wouldn’t it be nice for them to ppass the election in jail, awaiting trial?

  • Anonymous

    What a Cword.

  • James


  • Anonymous

    The Dems smell a defeat of enormous proportions – all the way up and down the ticket – and it’s driving them crazy. Expect behavior even more unhinged between now and November.

    • UnderDog

      That smell is in your shorts when you saw the latest polls.

  • Anonymous

    American Liberal Women are the most thoroughly ugly women on the planet today.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Her mouth matches her rather stunning figure. Looks like old, obese Annie got her hand stuck in the cookie jar. Clearly, Annie can’t run from her record, at best, it’s a waddle. Time to give her a legal slap on the wrist!
    – C. dog looking for Repubs with testicular fortitude

  • LoveGod

    Kuster is not a lady or a professional, what a shame. I cannot believe any one voting for this brute…..what an example she is setting…..Kuster is just like a true facist/socialist….take what is not yours. Spread the wealth and take out civiity.

  • Aldo

    Sigh. Sit back and watch the stream of misogyny and bile erupt in the comments. Attack her for her looks and her weight–after all, she’s a woman and this is the internet.

    • woodsman1st

      Shes a freak you moron; you must be a democratic Obummer support with a weird view like all the rest of you idiots

      • UnderDog

        She is cool, you must be a potato head?

    • NHcitizen

      Aldo, and exactly WHAT did the Dems do to Palin? Does anyone know what she stood for or only what clothes she wore. No double standard anymore.

  • woodsman1st

    The closer Obummer comes to defeat, the more violent thesse progressives become. She is not a lady; perhaps not even a female; and needs to be knocked flat on her UGLY arse.
    My God but liberal progressive women are ugly; especially the politicians.
    The Democratic party, where women are women and so are the men.

    • David Pittelli

      Your sexist contempt is not helpful to the discourse or to your (putative) side in the debate.
      But regardless of whether a line of civility was crossed, you can’t grab the camera out of someone’s hands. I don’t know if technically that’s robbery in New Hampshire, but it comes pretty close and it certainly looks like a crime.

  • M

    So she steals his camera? Typical liberal.

    • Michael T Lyster

      Just wait’ll the cameraman gets charged with ‘stalking’, along with a bill from Kuster’s campaign for ‘protecting’ his camera at their expense!
      Farfetched? Not for a liberal candidate.
      Please, NH: keep this loose-cannon statist out of Congress: maybe put together a collection for her to attend a Dale Carnegie course, with some Anger Management thrown in.

  • Sylvia Ethel

    I’d bet that Kuster is frantic to conceal the intense conversation/hug she was sharing when this episode started. Who was she and what issues does she represent?

  • D

    This video is a TV ad all by itself!

  • RebeccaH

    I wouldn’t vote for anybody who can’t handle the public with some sense of dignity and self-respect.

  • nhcitizen


  • UnderDog

    That was cool

  • Mike Rogers

    McDonalds employees call a really bad screw-up a “McCluster-F–k”
    Now you know why we call her “McKluster”, and she added the “F–k” all by herself!
    Democrat civility – now THERE’S an Oxymoron for you :)

  • Anonymous

    are we supposed to be surprised here? typical liberal, i am actually MORE surprised when they don’t attack someone, when will conservatives WAKE up we are in a street fight for our country, time we START fighting back-and yes i mean PHYSICALLY if we must!

  • Anonymous

    I saw an article in the Baton Rouge paper ( I think) where a peeping Tom peeked in a window and saw his face on the monitor of the security syetem. He panicked and stole the monitor thinking he would steal the image. He was caught the next day. Obviously, a Democrat.

  • Anonymous

    Typical Democrat. Eliminate her at the polls.

  • Charlie Wibel

    Why is it that the Democrats always get such classy people to run for office. At what age did she teach the F Bomb to her kids?

  • sharinite

    Ah the tolerant “religion”… politician and a female to boot…hope she treats any offspring better than this..her momma didn’t raise her with manners…crude and rude!

  • BigStrat

    Why doesn’t the staffer file reobbery charges against Kuster?

  • David Pawson

    She TOOK his camera? She’s lucky they don’t shoot thieves in New Hampshire! A lot of places, she’d be dead.

  • Jello Mayberry

    That cameraman has no manners you don’t walk up to someone having a private conversation and shove a camera in his face…he’s lucky he got the camera back.

    • Jello Mayberry


  • Jello Mayberry

    How was that violent?

  • Anonymous

    The cameraman should have b***h slapped that fat pig when she grabbed for the camera. Anyone that grabs at my camera will get punched out pdq. Tempting fate isn’t very smart but liberals aren’t the sharpest tool in the tool box.

  • Mac

    Just scanning through the comment section here gives me an idea of the average IQ of your readers. I am definitely not a genius, but you guys sure make me feel like one. I have a crazy theory about this video. Do you think it’s possible someone from the Bass campaign spent the day harrassing Kuster until she’d finally had enough? Given the stupidity at work there, I’m really surprised they didn’t ask for her birth certificate, too.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Keister was on bath salts.