Shea-Porter’s joke of a townhall

A Saturday townhall held by Rep. Carol Shea-Porter in Dover is being met with scathing criticism from detractors, none too happy with the lack of transparency or openness at the event.

By way of press release, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire dubbed the event a “farce,” calling it a “scripted, tightly-controlled event where she made sure to avoid those who might disagree with her.”

“In order to attend the event, individuals were told they needed to pre-register themselves and the questions they planned on asking. At the meeting itself, video cameras were not allowed inside. This is disheartening both for transparency purposes and for anyone who couldn’t attend the event especially considering the dangerous driving conditions caused by today’s bad weather,” stated spokesman Derek Dufresne.

“Granite Staters deserve a representative who cares about the opinions of all her constituents and allows for real town hall meetings where all views can be expressed. Once again, we still await to hear from Rep. Carol Shea-Porter on when she will actually hold her first real town hall meeting. Granite Staters deserve better.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Suzan Smith

    I hope you vote her out!

  • Gntp NH


  • Bob_Robert

    Anyone surprised, raise your hands.

    Anyone? Anyone at all?

  • Dragonflies Antiques

    Hope this journalism is a bit more timely then this picture of Carol’s DEAD mother Peggy who left us several years ago. This photo had to be at least 2010 because of the signs. If you want to be believed you have to get your facts straight and that includes the photos too!