Shea-Porter: Withhold pay from rich members of Congress, not me

Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) is responding to a National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee ad criticizing her for voting against the “No Budget, No Pay Act” by suggesting only the pay of wealthy Members of Congress should be withheld.

“The wealthy people in the House and Senate can go without the pay, but others will be hurt along with their families for something that wasn’t their decision,” said Shea-Porter.

Shea-Porter’s standard would not apply to her. She is among the least wealthy Members of Congress.

The “No Budget, No Pay Act” would withhold pay from Members of Congress if they continue to fail to pass a budget. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years.

“Carol Shea-Porter has only been back in Congress for about two months, but she has managed to pick up right where she left off embarrassing herself like she did before her 2010 defeat,” one Republican strategist told NH Journal. “This shockingly arrogant quote reinforces her image as a liberal, out of touch, big spending, government bureaucrat and it will undoubtedly come back to haunt her in 2014.”

Shea-Porter, who held New Hampshire’s First Congressional District seat for two consecutive terms before losing it in 2010 and then regaining it in 2012, has a long history of making bizarre comments. She once suggested that Congress would fix healthcare in a week if all the male Members of Congress were sent home.

Below is the ad the NRCC is running against Rep. Shea-Porter:

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Michael J

    Whining about the pay for a job you wanted is pretty short-sighted considering all the perks members of Congress get. It’s even more short-sighted when you consider how many of her constituents don’t have a job or are underemployed.

    • Rich Knudsen

      Most likely childhood abandonment issues.

    • conservativechick

      She lied about not getting a subsidy of over 70% on her insurance plan, too. She should be ashamed to vote for a law she won’t abide by herself!

  • C. dog e. doG

    Lookie, Lookie, Carol S. Porter captured at a moonbat festival! Pay her da money!

  • The Captain

    She will get Congressional pension for the rest of her life. She has nothing to complain about

    • Anonymous

      This greedy person can see no end to her dipping into the Public Trough. After all, what’s the money there for if not for HER use?

    • Rich Knudsen

      Yet there she is.And the people of New Hampshire gave her this new shot at a free lunch for 2 more years.Blame them.

      • rightactions

        I could understand her complaint were budgets stymied in Congress because Representative Shea-Porter (D) steadfastly and repeatedly voted “No” on any federal spending hikes and all federal budgets that failed to slash spending.

        But she’s a binge spender, a taker, and a tax eater. Cancel her pay. With extreme prejudice.

    • Lucy C Edwards

      No, she will not get a Congressional pension for the rest of her life.

  • Scott

    Nope. Compared to the vast majority of us, Ms Shea-Porter and the rest of her colleagues are rich. If they can not do the job, they do not deserve the pay.

    • Rich Knudsen

      So you finally realize WHY these folks run for High office then?

  • Rich Knudsen

    Amazing isn’t it,they get Other people to finance their run for office and then get $175k a year to screw us 24/7,And then have the audacity to complain.

    • C. dog e. doG

      What’s the matter Rich, you’re not enjoying the pony ride?
      – C. dog

  • Forrest Sargente

    Democrats sure are a greedy bunch of louts, aren’t they.

  • Lanceman

    Carol Che-Porter.

  • Anonymous

    I thought NH was a libertarian state, how did they end up electing a big spending leftist like this.

  • David Funk

    You want taxes? Easy
    Outside income for federal employees (including Congress and White House) above 50% of their federal check – 75% Tax rate
    Income for professional ball players, singers, artists, journalists, television and movie performers, above $250K – 75% Tax rate
    Income earned from investments if you are/were not an employee of the invested company for income above $250K – 75% Tax rate
    Income for anyone working for an NGO, non-profit, environmental or charitable agency for income above $250K – 75% Tax rate
    Income for anyone working, either with their back or their minds, requires a 40 hour week at the job site for all income max 40% Tax rate for all taxes, federal, state, local, income, sales, real estate. (progressive, 1% for less than 30K income, 5% for less than 50K, and so on, 40% for over 500K) Feds, states and local governments can argue who gets how much, but if I make $100K, after I pay $15K in any taxes, not one penny more. Anyone asks for more, off to jail they go.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks again to Judge Lewis, ACLU, NH LOWV for gutting NH Voter ID, for putting this moonbat back in office, placing the fate of NH & the country in the hands of “non-resident student” voters.