Shea-Porter: ‘We aren’t broke’… ‘plenty of revenue to be found’

Despite years of $1 trillion deficits and over $16 trillion in national debt, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter says that America isn’t broke.

“We watch television and they make it look as if (our country) is broke; we’re taking the very last dollar in the Treasury. That is not so,” said the congresswoman at a recent townhall meeting, per a web video from Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire.

A press release from the group further blasts Shea-Porter for recent comments regarding revenue, “which is code for higher taxes.”

In a column published to her official House website, the congresswoman wrote that “there is plenty of revenue to be found,” going on to say that America “desperately needs more revenue.”

“New Hampshire taxpayers know the problem isn’t that they are taxed too little, but that elected representatives like Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter are addicted to spending too much,” stated Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire spox Derek Dufresne.

The group’s full video of Shea-Porter’s comments can be viewed below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    It is time to reduce the benefits people receive from government. Cong. Shea Porter and Pres. Obama will not do it. How will it be done?

    • C. dog e. doG

      Examples exist across the globe and throughout history. The landing can be either soft or hard depending on whether the sheople stampede over the fiscal cliff … or not.
      – C. dog

  • Guest

    only we were just broke, with a bank account balance of zero. Instead,
    we’re in a 16 trillion-dollar hole and Shea-Porter and the Democrats are handing out

  • Frogman

    As long as the freeloaders and lazy keep getting, fed, housed, and receive free goodies the liberals will keep inflating their voter base. But, be assured it will end and it’s not going to end well.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Don’t forget the solution to the bloated government dependency class: immigration! It’s all part of the DNC master plan to restore America to a plantation economy.
      – C. dog

  • W. H. Gnade

    Ms. Shea-Porter commits a fallacy of equivocation. Check it out [emphasis added]:

    “WE watch television and THEY make it look as if (OUR country) is broke; WE’RE taking the very last dollar in the Treasury. That is not so…”

    The two WEs and the one OUR (even if only implied) aren’t equals. The PRIVATE SECTOR, the only essential wealth creating sector, which is the heart of America, is indeed NOT broke (yet); this is the WE or OUR that is used truthfully. But the PUBLIC SECTOR — the contingent sector that exists TO SERVE and not BE SERVED — it is this sector, meaning, the government, that is indeed broke — and broken; it is THIS sector that is the “We’re” who are indeed pilfering the Treasury. It’s a stunningly deceptive and manically mangled statement she has uttered. Amazing.

    There is indeed, at least in theory, “plenty of revenue” out there. But that revenue is not generated to benefit the public state. What Ms. Porter-Shea has actually done is implied that the private sector is trumped by, and subsumed by, the public. To her, ALL the money is potential revenue — for the state. “Give it to us or we’ll take it.” That’s the Democrats’ either/or. In the over-used words of the president, that’s a false choice.

    But not if you’re a Democrat.

    • C. dog e. doG

      True to a degree, but don’t forget, there have been – and are currently – plenty of pols who wear the R with their greedy fat fingers in the pie pulling out plenty of plums. At the federalé level, it’s darn near unanimous, and virtually all the quibbling is over jerseys (to borrow a scene from Seinfeld). A constitutional republic would look very different.
      – C. dog not buyin’ either Major Moron Party’s bull

  • Anonymous

    Shea-Pelosi AKA “Waffles” like her mentor,, Nancy “pass it to find out what’s in it-gift to the American people” Pelosi, is addicted to spending and can’t be trusted with the taxpayer funds.