Shea-Porter accuses Sununu of “trying to follow various staff members’ families on Twitter”

Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) is obsessed with her 2014 re-election campaign and trying to figure out which Republicans will run against her, sources tell NH Journal.

According to sources, Shea-Porter religiously checks Google alerts for any and all mentions of her name and the names of her prospective opponents, especially Republican Executive Councilor Chris Sununu. “She checks Facebook and Twitter almost constantly,” one of the sources said.

According to one source, Shea-Porter is obsessively focused on Chris Sununu because she has already defeated Frank Guinta once and she feels she can do so again. But Chris Sununu seems to occupy most of her thoughts. Ever since Sununu announced he may run for Congress in the First District, Shea-Porter has prohibited staff and family members from skiing at the Waterville Valley Resort, which is owned by the Sununu family.

Shea-Porter let the mask slip a bit last weekend during a bizarre interview on WMUR. In the interview, she claimed Sununu “was trying to follow various staff members’ families on Twitter, so he’s obviously interested” in running.

The video of this portion of the interview was uploaded onto You Tube anonymously:

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • susanthe

    According to sources? My, what professional “journalism” we have here.

  • Sparky

    Not only are the “sources” anonymous; so is the “author” of this scurrilous article. Someone seems so worried that Shea-Porter will be re-elected, that he or she is desperate to spread garbage.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Looks like some one let the blu-hoo hamsters out of their cage today.
      – C. dog, bemused by antics of lisping fantasticos

      • Chaz Proulx

        Here’s the third person macho act I wrote about above.

  • Lucy C Edwards

    Amazing how much work Carol manages to do for us in Congress while she is supposedly obsessing on the 2014 elections. Time for the NHGOP to grow up and realize that this sort of projection just lets us voters know what the GOP priorities are, and they AREN’T working for the rest of us in Congress. Remember Frank Guinta? Most useless congressperson NH ever had.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Democratic definition of work = BFA * distance. Well, carol sure has the first term wrapped up, but not sure how far she can move that massive backside.
      – C. dog, Physics Dept.

  • Cranky Yankee

    What trash journalism! An anonymous reporter quotes anonymous sources who apparently have psychic powers and can read thoughts inside Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s head (i.e., “Chris Sununu seems to occupy most of her thoughts”).And, God forbid, according to the anonymous reporter, Congresswoman Shea-Porter “checks Facebook and Twitter almost constantly.” If that was a crime, then most Americans should be convicted.

    NH Journal, have you no shame? Even the National Enquirer doesn’t have standards this low.

  • Skunkhairkathy

    Who are these sources?? What a joke!! The GOP Hatchetman is at it again it seems!!!

  • Chaz Proulx

    Let’s see we have C-Dog on loan from NH Insider defending this piece or trash.

    No one knows who the cowardly C-Dog is mind you. All we know is that he refers to himself in the third person and kisses up to Ed Naile on a daily basis.

    His claim to fame? Writing comments on right wing web sites.

    I’m guessing C-Dog is a “he” because he likes to sound so macho. He’s a hard working, woman slappin’ tough doggie.

    Welcome to weirdsville everyone.