Shea-Porter mum on Guinta town hall rumors

Town hall meetings are central to former-Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s political legacy.

Prior to becoming a candidate for Congress, the Democrat became a fixture at then-incumbent Jeb Bradley’s town hall meetings, at which she would berate the Republican Member of Congress for supporting the Iraq War. Shea-Porter was once even forcibly removed from a George W. Bush town hall meeting in Portsmouth by two police officers.

Later, after she became a Member of Congress, Shea-Porter’s own town hall meetings often took on a circus-like atmosphere. Vociferous crowds, wild claims (Shea-Porter claimed at one event that Republican women told her in the bathroom that Congress would pass ObamaCare immediately if the men in Congress would just go home) and angry voters characterized her meetings. Once, a retired police officer had to be removed for speaking when it wasn’t his turn.

So what happens now that Shea-Porter is again a private citizen with her eyes on her old Congressional seat in 2012? Will she attend – and try to disrupt – her rival Rep. Frank Guinta’s town hall meetings?

Rumors that Shea-Porter would confront Guinta at his own meetings began to circulate among media and Democratic circles immediately after Guinta announced his first public town hall event, which will be held Wednesday evening in Laconia.

NH Journal has inquired directly with Shea-Porter about the rumors, but she isn’t talking. Political watchers will just have to wait and see if she shows up on Wednesday. We at NH Journal predict that the opinionated Shea-Porter will not be able to resist.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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