Shea-Porter implies Chinese cost her election, helped Guinta

Outgoing Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter implied the Chinese cost her re-election in November and secretly funneled money to help her Republican opponent Frank Guinta during a post-election interview with ABC News.

“They’re in the halls of Congress everywhere,” Shea-Porter said in the interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “[A]nd it means, for example, that you sit on a committee and you say something about concern about Chinese influence or something, you don’t even know if in the next election, somehow or another, they manage to send some money to some group that now doesn’t even have to say where they got it.”

There is no evidence that the Chinese funneled money into the First Congressional District race. Such a contribution would be illegal.

The Obama administration accused some groups, especially the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, of accepting illegal foreign money to help Republicans during the midterm elections. The charge was widely panned and did not appear to persuade the electorate.

Shea-Porter is a probable candidate for her old seat in 2012.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Mnosnhoj

    Dear CSP, I voted against you and will again should you run. Nothing at all to do with the Chinese. Everything to do with your far left philosophy.

  • Trapmr

    Is this the mind set that cost you re-election??? Sorry you did not get the message.

  • Jim Shuff

    Carol: I had told you in numerous emails that you were out of touch with the NH voter’s. I do like Chinese food but it is a real stretch to blame your lose on their influence. You and the other libs certainly were not receptive to any thoughts of the unverifed contributions over the Internet to B.O. as being any thing but legitimate US folks. One of my best days lately was when I removed your email address from my contact list!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is that the source of Frank G’s. “secret” $300K bank account?

  • Chris Ar

    Either provide proof Carol, or apologize to the people of NH and rep-elect Guinta. NOW.

  • Mnosnhoj

    Perhaps I was too harsh in my previous comment. In the spirit of the season, I recommend the following article to CSP:

  • Lilian V. Mahoney

    When a candidate, like Guinta, who did not list in his initial campaign financial report a $250,000 to $500,000 account and late, when that information was out he said “I made a mistake and once I realize I made the mistake, I corrected”, people can be free to think anything is possible. He said late that money came from a 20 years he and his wife “worked hard” when both “have been in the workforce”. (The Union Leader Oct.14/10, pag.A-2)
    “There is nothing so powerful as truth”, Daniel Webster.
    Lilian V. Mahoney wrote this comment on Dec.27/10

  • Independent and watching

    Hey, Bill Clinton did get Chinese money. So what’s the fuss about? Especially since it din’t happen and all?

    Looks like NH was well served by this outage of incumbent.

  • Anonymous

    WTF is NH doing electing dems in the first place? Haven’t they been watching MA?

  • Ken_in_SC

    How many of those un-verified credit card donations to Barrack Obama were from China?

  • Oxbay

    No wonder Shea-Porter lost. She’s a Gertrude Stein Democrat. There’s no there there.

  • Thucydides

    Maybe if enough Dems could be persuaded that is the case they might work to tighten election laws; showing voter ID, transparent fundraising, military ballots sent and received in time, ballots and ballot boxes under positive control at all times……

    Just saying

  • Murgatroyd

    What? A left-winger loses an election, blames sinister, shadowy forces for her defeat, and then claims it’s the Chinese? What happened to the Jews? Aren’t they supposed to be behind all the conspiracies that oppose “progressives” these days? Just ask Cynthia McKinney …

  • Some Guy

    What, the Chinese are the new Jews now? STFU, you stupid, racist cow.

  • Emily Haase Rollinson

    I blame Rabbit…
    ( Channeling Winnie Ther Poo… )

  • Anonymous

    Why would a communist nation lobby against a fellow communist Democrat? That just makes no sense. This “Shea-Porter” person is clearly out of touch with reality, which probably has more to do with her defeat than anything else.

    And @drkennethnoisewater, NH has been invaded by fleeing MA-ers for decades; they brought their own communist nonsense with them – kind of like how people from CA have destroyed NV.

  • Dan Zimmerman

    They’re nefarious! Inscrutable! I’m sure her vote for ObamaCare had nothing to do with NH voters dumping her either. Because, you know, that didn’t hurt any other Democrats. Oh. Wait.

  • Phil

    ‘Che’ Porter.

  • Anonymous

    Come on CSP …blame the Chinese …guess we should ask your opponent Frank g. who supplied his $300K bank account?

  • Jimrogier

    Carol: Shut up. Go away. Stay away. Don’t come back.

  • Twinlily

    Mr. Millerick (and those who read this article) —

    I suggest you click the link in the article and re-read the full passage in the ABC News article. The Congresswoman is CLEARLY, without question, talking about special interest money in Congress, i.e., our very own home-grown plague of lobbyists. In the context of the recent Supreme Court Citizens United decision gutting campaign finance laws, she then, as an example, refers to the possibility that foreigners could exert indirect influence on elections. She is speaking about politics and elections generally, not her own campaign. When ABC The Note summarized the longer article (here:, they focused on that point, which they had no trouble understanding. Shea-Porter is making the same point as Justice John Paul Stevens in his dissent in Citizens United, when he warned that the decision “would appear to afford the same protection to multinational corporations controlled by foreigners as to individual Americans.” Honestly, do you really want Citgo, a foreign corporation controlled by Hugo Chavez’ regime in Venezuela, influencing a US election? It is this serious problem, noted by a Supreme Court justice, that she was addressing.

    It is disappointing to see such careless, sloppy, misleading reporting. Your readers deserve better.


    In 2005 at the request of Ray Buckley, Bud Fitch investigated the Manchester Young Republicans for illegally funneling 50K from the Chinese government to Frank Guinta’s mayoral campaign.

  • searic

    From the Even a Blind Hog Occasionally Finds an Acorn Department:

    While it would appear HIGHLY doubtful the Chicoms would oppose so obviously a fellow-traveller as this wacked-out, lefty broad, interestingly she has stumbled on a piece of reality: ever since Clinton and his DOC sold them military secrets, the Peking regime has had an “in” with American traitors (including the increasingly greedy and amoral big business community), and this greatest-threat-in-the-world-to-America nation continues to operate below the surface (like the loatheosme worms they are) in our country.

  • Roberthenry

    It always amazes me that democrat politicians blame everything on someone else and never on their own lack of understanding of who they serve. We the people fired Carol Shea Porter for her lack of judgement and understanding on what the people want our elected officals to do. It wasn’t mandating healthcare, raising taxes, bailing out corporations for the benefit of unions,changing the country to fit the socialist agenda. This country was founded by people who wanted freedom and thank god we still have the freedom to say thanks but no thanks – Carol Shea Porter

  • Nancy washington

    According to Airport Agent of DC: NH Congresswoman’s (Carol Shea-Porter)ask for an aisle seat so that her hair wouldn’t get messed up by
    being near the window. (On an Airplane). No wander she lost the election 2010, and she thinks whe deserves to run again 2012. We have ppeople running for Political office that makes decision for our country and that would use statement like this. Give me a break.