Shea-Porter flees from tax questioner

Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter fled a questioner asking about controversial Democratic-sponsored tax increases in what is only the latest in a growing series of damaging videos for elected Democrats in the Granite State.

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter had multiple opportunities to use her voice to encourage like-minded New Hampshire officeholders to oppose legislation that would devastate middle-class families. Sadly, the Congresswoman refused to take such a stand,” read a statement from Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, the organization behind the latest video.

Shea-Porter’s issue-dodging followed an event held yesterday afternoon at a senior center in Manchester. Completely ignoring questions concerning both issues, she fled the venue to waiting transportation. It follows past videos of elected Democrats Rep. Annie Kuster (NH-02) and Gov. Maggie Hassan dodging questions, assaulting camera men and fumbling basic interview questions.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry. My grandchildren will be good for it.

  • egoist

    Worst microphone ever.

  • Anonymous

    New Hampshire is a weird state. It votes blue, but there is no real state income tax, and it is a shall-issue concealed carry state. California should take notice.

  • Truman North (D)

    What did people expect when they elected democrats? I blame Massholes fleeing north.

    • Ken in NH

      There is that, but take a look at the county-by-county electoral map. The three counties that had the highest vote disparity between Rep. and Dem. were Cheshire (Keene State), Strafford (UNH), and Grafton (Dartmouth). I seem to remember that we passed a law to prevent non-residents from voting back in 2011 that the NH Supreme Court said was constitutional but couldn’t be applied to the 2012 election because they ruled too late on it.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Now that caring, empathic, feed-the-poor carol has secured her federal pension, she’s just too busy to answer questions from the peeps.
    – C. dog lifts rear leg to solute a real Amerikan

  • Robert W. Mann

    She is a Congresswoman. She has public and recorded and effectual
    opinions and actions about those things that she can effect as a
    CONGRESSWOMAN. She has opinions about other things as do you but when
    she is in public, making public statements, she does that as a
    Congresswoman. It is about as peculiar as you quoting movie stars about
    water quality except that she actually has responsibility in a rather
    narrow band of knowledge and opinion. Unlike Republicants, she should
    and does limit her pronouncements to those things under her sway.
    Perhaps if you listened less to the blather of the knowledgeless and
    responsibilityless talking heads like Freidman and Limpbaugh you might
    not be so confused. Republicants get excoriated for being stupid and
    ignorant about issues that actually are available for their action. Just
    look at your track record on the debt, Iraq, marriage equality, gun
    safety, medical marijuana, seat belts, motorcycle helmets, healthcare. I
    have never in my life heard such a collection of laughable non
    sequiturs. Like Gomert comparing gun magazine size with bestiality. He
    might stop the stupidity if you just gave way to the laughing that is
    certainly bubbling under the surface.

    • Forrest Sargente

      You poor deluded fool.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Hey Robbie, is carol a representative the New Hamster, and therefore prone to have opinions about how the Grate State is running? Or is that too much of a reach for the libotomized to grasp?
      – C. dog watches Mannly squat to relieve his liberal acid buildup

  • Forrest Sargente


  • Anonymous

    Shades of ’09’s “townhall meetings”, and we saw how that turned out in ’10, by creating that little thing called “The TEA Party”.

  • Anonymous

    Same old Carol Shea-Pelosi, AKA “Waffles”…up to her old tricks. Never met a tax she didn’t like…