Shea-Porter: “I moved out of my house a couple of times” due to threats

In a stunning revelation former New Hampshire Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter told WMUR on Sunday that she twice had to move out of her house due to threats she received while in office. Shea-Porter said the media discovered this information but declined to publicize it at her request.

Shea-Porter offered the information up in the context of the attack on Rep. Gabrielle Gifford in Tuscon, Arizona earlier this month.

“We had threats,” Shea-Porter said. “I move out of my house a couple of times. The media found out and I asked them not to report that and they didn’t. And I’m grateful for that.”

Shea-Porter got her rise in politics by heckling then-U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley, a Republican, whom she later defeated in 2006, at his constituent town hall meetings. She was once removed from a George W. Bush town hall meeting in Portsmouth, NH by two police officers, an incident she later denied but which was confirmed by the Portsmouth Police Department.

Shea-Porter also stated that she had to have security at her town hall meetings during the health care debate because constituents had told her office they were afraid to attend because of the extremely vocal opposition to her position on that issue.

“When people worry about going out to hear somebody because they could get caught up in something like people around Rep. Giffords did, then it’s time to think about why and what can we do differently and how do we tone it down?” Shea-Porter continued.

Shea-Porter also claimed in the interview that people brought guns to her town hall meetings. In April 2009, her office was evacuated when it received an envelope marked “Tea Protest” that contained suspicious material. The material turned out to be tea.

Shea-Porter has made it no secret that she plans to run for her old seat, which she lost in November to Republican Frank Guinta, again in 2012.

Shea-Porter’s town halls were indeed raucous affairs. During one such event in August 2009, a retired police officer was removed for standing up and speaking when it wasn’t his turn.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • agathis

    Yeah, right. Unlikely. She’s just trying to gain sympathy after the Arizona shootings. The only raucous event they can find is a retired cop speaking out of turn? Talk about an isolated, out-of-touch political class. When she was on the other side of things, she had no problem being hostile herself, but when she was in the seat, couldn’t deal with even the slightest conflict. It’s not just a little disgusting that she’s trying to use the Arizona shootings for her own benefit.

  • Peterfromnh

    Here are some fact;
    1. The AZ shooting was not about politics.
    2. The only people on record being assaulted during the job killing healthcase debate have been people opposed to it.
    3. CSP has a record of lying about the past. (ask any Portsmouth Policeman.

    Like all a politician has to do is ask the media to not run a story and they say “oh, ok”. She is such a lying nut case. Where is the police record? Where are these threats documented?

    I would bet anything “leaving her house” was a vacation.

  • elaine

    If she’s starting with “The Chinese cost me the election” and “I was threatened, only there’s no record of it” then just think how much crazier she’ll sound by the end of the 2012 election cycle!

    Maybe Palin and Beck are using their stochastic dog whistles on her! 😉

  • Mo

    Someone spoke out of turn! It’s the end of the Republic, it’s how every Revolution has started.

    Fer Pete’s sake.

    Is that why someone was really removed from this ultra-hypocrite’s townhall meetings, when she herself was a screaming loon at others’ townhall events? We have real courage up there in New Hampshire.

    Love this “news” story, too, about the “stunning revelation”. I don’t live in NH, so I found it a LOT more stunning that this loon got her start by heckling, and being dragged out of a townhall meeting by the police. I fully agree with agathis’s comment that this is purely a move to try to get some sympathy…at best…or is part of the continued Leftist Freudian projection; that which they WANT to do (or have done) to their opponents, they blame their opponents for. Either way, it is sickening and wrong.

    If Shea-Porter would get re-elected…ugh, I don’t even want to think about it. She is just another example of how far the political class has fallen, and why the last Congress had the lowest poll ratings of any in modern history.

  • sane liberal

    Shea-Porter is an embarrassment to the people she wants to represent again. She lied about her own uncivil behavior numerous times and then when someone calls her out on it she still lies!

    And she made her name acting out at town hall meetings yet one someone else acts less threateningly she plays the scared card. Pathetic.

    Take a look at her picture, perhaps someone should call the clinic for her to be tested.

  • Kevin

    Thank God she is no longer my representative. Ché-Porter personifies all the narcissism of the me, me, me, indulgent doper 60s boomers. Thank God the new guy, Frank Giunta, doesn’t think “veteran = desperate loser who needs lots of welfare.” (Ché-Porter’s condescension to folks like me was extremely galling). Thank God the Seacoast has rejoined America and she is no longer trying to conduct her own foreign policy.

    Thank God and my fellow Granite Staters. Thanks, guys and gals!


    Please, Carol! Remember November?

  • Concerned Patriot

    I was at the Portsmouth town hall meeting held in the federal building. Some in the crowd felt it had the right to give a young Boy Scout a hard time for just picking question numbers out of a bowl. I guess they didn’t realize that ticket numbers would be in a span of the number of people attending. That seems to be the pattern – they don’t think. If they did, they would realize that they voted against their own self interests when they voted out Carol. The corporations that bought the last election are just laughing now. They are now figuring out how to use their borrowed tax cut money to buy the next election. We are all headed for Pottersville – the dark side of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

    • Anonymous

      She is a nut and did not represent New Hampshire.

  • Dave

    I attended one of those town meetings, and I’m very glad to be rid of Carol Shea-Porter. Frank Guinta represents productive, tax-paying citizens. Shea-Porter represents snooty white housewives who fancy themselves “liberal”, “feminist” and “anti-racist” while their henpecked husbands meekly toil to pay the mortgage on a nice house in a quiet, lily-white suburban community.

    Please don’t kill any liberals! I want them all to live, to see their dreams smashed to pieces before their eyes, to see their beloved government programs defunded, to see their regulations repealed or ignored, to see the people prosper again with low taxes, sound money, strong families, and leaders who don’t care what liberals think.

    In the likely case that Republicans don’t give back our freedom, the dollar will collapse, Washington and its dependents will starve, and new republics will rise from the ruins.

  • markandkari

    Speaking when it wasn’t his turn…oh, dear!


    CSP…So you moved out of your house a couple of times…think about those who moved out permenantly because of the way you voted. SHAME ON YOU. We will see that Frank Guinta is re-elected.