Shaheen’s Obamacare dodge

In the wake of Scott Brown’s forming an exploratory committee last week, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen is being targeted over efforts at distancing herself from Obamacare, which have grown more intense as the election cycle heats up.

“Jeanne Shaheen has ignored warnings about ObamaCare for years, but now in an election year she’s suddenly recognizing the disastrous effects that the law has had in her home state,” stated Brook Hougesen, a National Republican Senatorial Committee spox, in a release. “New Hampshire voters know that Jeanne Shaheen and President Obama have repeatedly deceived them about ObamaCare. After all of the lies and broken promises, it’s clear that Granite Staters can no longer trust Jeanne Shaheen when it comes to health care and other important issues that affect their families, friends and co-workers.”

The attack follows Shaheen’s ongoing attempts to critique the law without admitting a voting error on her part. She supported the law and has defended it on numerous occasions.

A weekend letter signed by Shaheen and other Senate Democrats who initially backed Obamacare states “we believe that an individual whose 2013 plan was canceled and considers their new premium unaffordable should qualify for a temporary ‘hardship exemption.’”

The NRSC’s release subsequently derides the letter as Shaheen “flailing and willing to say anything to keep her job.”

Last month she found herself in hot water after quipping that Americans who’ve felt the unpopular law’s sting could potentially get their old doctors back, but only if they would “pay more.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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