Shaheen’s house doubles as lingerie headquarters

Eyebrows are being raised at revelations regarding New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s home, which apparently leads a double-life as the headquarters of “Naked Undies,” a business apparently run by her daughter Molly and another business partner.

From Buzzfeed:

“The business was registered in the state in 2011 as a limited liability company (LLC) by Shaheen’s husband Bill, a prominent attorney and Democratic political operative in New Hampshire. But reached for comment, Bill told BuzzFeed the business is run by their daughter, Molly, and her business partner.

‘I didn’t select the name — that’s her name,’ he said. ‘But I encouraged her to start her own business because she’s a very talented girl.’”

The “About” section of the Naked Undies site highlights Senator Shaheen herself, citing her daughter “tirelessly working on the campaign trail speaking to thousands of voters across the country on behalf of her mother, Jeanne Shaheen.”

Molly Shaheen has since taken up residence in Los Angeles, yet the business remains registered to a New Hampshire address, leading some to speculate if the Granite State’s tax code was the culprit there.

As for said registration with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office, more from BuzzFeed:

As of Monday, Naked Undies LLC was listed on the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website as “not in good standing.” But when BuzzFeed asked Bill about the matter, he looked into it and said the problem was the result of an oversight by his law firm, which failed to file an annual report with the state and pay a fee of $150. But Tuesday morning, the company’s status had been changed to “good standing.”

Bill said he was proud of his daughter’s success.

“It’s very impressive the quality of the product they sell,” he said. “And all American-made, by the way.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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