Shaheen using potential Scott Brown candidacy to fundraise

In the days leading up to Monday’s FEC filing deadline, Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign made heavy use of a potential Scott Brown candidacy to plead with donors for campaign cash, even deploying Elizabeth Warren’s political operation on her behalf as Brown travels to the Granite State.

An email from Shaheen’s campaign to supporters on Friday read in part:

On Monday, Scott Brown is coming to Hampstead, NH, for his seventh meeting in six months with New Hampshire GOP insiders. This is his latest hint at running against me.

We cannot afford to underestimate him. Just like he did in his 2012 race against Elizabeth Warren, Brown would bring tens of millions in support from Wall Street and Tea Party billionaires.

We can be certain Karl Rove and Brown’s other advisers are going to watch our quarterly fundraising totals closely – they’ll do anything to take control of the Senate. We have to show we’re ready for whatever they throw our way.

With 3 days to go until the September 30 filing deadline, we’re still $29,719 short of our goal. Can you contribute now to help us make sure we’re ready to overcome attacks from Brown and right-wing Super PACs?

Similar to recent fundraising appeals blasting Charlie Bass, Shaheen’s camp repeatedly sought to portray the moderate Brown as tied to the Tea Party movement and Republican strategist Karl Rove.

That same day Elizabeth Warren’s Chief of Staff, Mindy Meyers, issued a similar blast email to supporters:

Believe it or not, our old friend Scott Brown is considering a move north to New Hampshire to run against Senator Shaheen in 2014.

With your help, we beat Scott Brown and elected Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. Let’s show Scott Brown: If he decides to run against Jeanne Shaheen, we’ll be there once again to stop him.

A Monday morning missive signed by husband and former Clinton confidante, Bill Shaheen, again invoked Rove’s name:

Karl Rove’s been talking up a Brown run for months, hailing him as a “ninth generation Granite Stater.” With Rove trumpeting his cause, Brown would have access to millions in support from secret, shadowy Super PACs. They’re desperate to take control of the Senate and turn it into the House.

The cause of Team Shaheen’s apparent panic is clear, a recent poll by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) found her leading by just four percentage points in a hypothetical match-up against Brown.

The news that Brown has put his Massachusetts home on the market is hardly likely to stem the tide of Shaheen appeals pegged to the former Bay State Senator.

Author: Staff Reporter

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